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I went to Dr .Basile with no breast following a 2 year delay since a Bi-lateral mastectomy. I went on a personal reccomendation by my sister-in law. I was a little reluctant of the procedure that he described to me. I was skin on bone as he told me , but that if I was willing to trust him, he could build me some breast. I was overwhelmed by this, but immediately after meeting him, I put my faith and trust in him. He was going to take care of me. He did a Liposuction and used the fat from my own body to place on top of my breast area for it to create a top line. After I healed, he then took me to surgery, placed 2 very soft breast implants on top of the muscle instead of under the muscle. A great deal of post mastectomy reconstruction uses expanders and injections then place implants under the muscle which is a long, drawn out , painful procedure. Placing implants on top of the muscle is the way to go. I had some discomfort after surgery as expected, but overall I did well. I used to consider myself an ugly looking freak after my mastectomy, but after trusting in Dr. Basile , I am now a complete beautiful woman again. I was amazed at how I looked. I am a C cup again. Sexy at 62! ha He made me feel this way and I owe my sincerest gratitude to him. His assistant Jules is totally awesome, I love her! In fact I love Shannon, Jamie. and the entire staff as though they were my family. I know I can call anytime to Dr. Basile's office and get the friendliest helpful voice on the line. If you have any doubts about what type of Plastic Surgeon to seek for any cosmetic reasons, Dr. Patrick Basile is the first one you should visit. There will be no reason to search any further. He got me my life back, and I am no longer depressed about how I look. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude goes to Dr. Patrick Basile and his entire staff, including the nurses and anesthesiologist he works with at surgery. I am a true testimony to this awesome, compassionate, dedicated and professional doctor. Warmest regards, Carole

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