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I suffered from acne all throughout my teenage...

I suffered from acne all throughout my teenage years, I had tried everything out there, so lived with acne for years on and off. Once i got rid of it for a while and even treated my scars, (i had lots) until it came back and got unbearable. Until finally my doctor prescribed accutane.

I looked the worst i ever had for 4 months, everything comes out, which i mean you brake out a lot! some people are lucky and get antibiotics to control it, but i didn't so unfortunately I got lots of scaring.

You might get discouraged by how you look while you are taking it, but the results come after you are done and you just have to sacrifice.

You get extremely dry, especially your lips (acuaphor is the best) and your face looks red. Even though some of the side effects are annoying i say it is totally worth the sacrifice. Over all it's the best thing that could ever happen to anyone who suffers from serious acne.

I've been acne free for over a year, my skin looks beautiful, I don't have to worry about it looking shiny or greasy as I used to (which I love); I get some spots once in a while but don't fully become pimples! It's great, I really wish I could have got prescribed before!

I recommend it, and would definitely take it again if i have to.

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