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I've had glycolic and TCA peels, but the best peel...

I've had glycolic and TCA peels, but the best peel I had was one I did to myself accidentally. It did not cost $100; the form insists that peels must cost at least $100.

I put 2 skin lotions on my face before bed - one was a vitamin C lotion in an orange bottle, and I forget what the other was. I walked away from the bathroom, but hadn't gotten very far when I realized my face was burning. I ran back to the bathroom and washed my face until it stopped burning.

Next day, I sat outside for lunch for maybe 15 minutes. My face hurt again, so I went in.

Then, over the next week, my face scabbed up. Not at all like any of the pictures I've seen of other chemical peels. The skin stretched and cracked, so I looked like the bottom of a dry lake after the sun had dried up the mud.

Then it peeled off, and I had new smooth pink skin. But I can't remember what the things I mixed together were.

Can it be good to get a sunburn on your face immediately after a peel?

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