One Week out of Surgery on a Face Lift - Wisconsin

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It has been a week since my face lift surgery . I...

It has been a week since my face lift surgery .

I have had several life experiences that had left me looking tried in my early 50's.

I never second guess myself with doing the face lift however I really didn't tell any one until after wards. The doctor and staff prepared me for the bruising and some discomfort. I find that the pain was more then just discomfort as it feels like someone is trying to pull my face off ! The stitches around the ears are out which let some pressure off the tempo area. I opt to do the surgery where I was a wake to keep the cost down just with a few injections like going to the dentist. I to have been sleeping on a chair for the last week sitting in the up right position. I keep icing and taking a few Ibuprofen and look forward to the results with no pain. Thank You for sharing it helps to talk about this experience to others.

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