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Just had Ultherapy done today. After reading so...

Just had Ultherapy done today. After reading so many posts about how painful it was even with meds.,I was worried. After hearing that my doctor doesn't even use numbing gel, I took two Percocet and two Xanax that I had laying around. It barely hurt at all! It shouldn't hurt in the jawline if the person is doing it correctly. My Dr. said mine dind't hurt because he knew to watch out for the jawbone. The other area that is suppose to be the most painful is the brow area, my Dr. injected lidocaine before he did it and I felt nothing! The shots don't hurt either because it's a numbing agent. My skin never turned pink either, and there is just a couple tiny places near my jawline that are a little numb. Do I see a difference? My face does not look puffy. My eye lids are slightly tightened, and the tiny lines around my mouth are gone. I don't see much improvement in the jaw line, but I'm optimistic. I will keep everyone updated on my progress!

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