Juvaderm for Depressed Scar

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Im writing about my experience having juvaderm for...

Im writing about my experience having juvaderm for a scar filler. The day of my appointment i was frantic and worried i wouldnt like the outcome. I worried that it would be worse than i started out. Had my appointement on April 8th. The doc put a numbing cream on my scar for a bit and advised me he has juvaderm plus with numbing in it as well. He ended up using both and i couldnt feel a thing! Nothing more than a prick..if that. Procedure didnt last long but he was very precise with his injections to get it right.

The only thing i wish is he put more in. Not that disappointed though. I realize that not enough is far better than too much. I plan to make another appointment to have a little more put in.

All and all the experience was a good one. I think it was definately worth it and will continue again as needed.

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