MIRADRY Review from Winnipeg MB

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Hey guys I will try to make this as quick as...

Hey guys I will try to make this as quick as possible :)

I have had hyperhidrosis my whole life, under my arms. I remember it affecting me as far back as grade 7, playing basketball in the gym at school in a grey tee shirt before class. I knew I was going to accumulate huge sweat stains but just couldn't be bothered to stop playing. The sweat stains were the size of cd discs back then, and if anything it has gotten worse as I grew up. I am now 28. I like to wear nice clothes, and I am constantly washing + ruining them. A white dress shirt will yield me 2-3 wears tops. Then it was either only useful as an undershirt, or right into the garbage. Value village wouldn't accept shirts with yellow sweat stains under the arms and I don't blame them. My sweating was so bad that I would sweat through a t-shirt, flannel, and into my jacket. All the time.
I was getting botox injections for a couple years. They were covered by insurance for the most part, but when I quit my job to focus on my business full time, I had to say goodbye to my benefits. This would mean roughly $850-$1000 for injections as my tolerance went up and I was doing a vial per arm. At first they reduced sweating by 40-50%, but it gradually tapered off and the last injections I had done probably reduced sweating by a mere 15-20%. Not worth a $1,000.

I looked into auxiliary scraping, where they cut your arm pit open and literally scrape and damage sweat glands, then sew you back up. This seemed majorly invasive to me, and the risk / surgery was close to par with living with hyperhidrosis.

A few months back I was searching for some kind of solution besides auxiliary endoscopic shaving, and I found Miradry. It had my undivided attention to say the least. I am in Winnipeg and to my surprise, Laser Away offered this right in my city! I was blown away. I would of traveled to have this done and here it is right in my hometown.

I booked my appointment and just had the surgery done yesterday. They advised me to shave my underarms 3 days before hand. It was an earlier appointment, 930 AM. $1,500 + tax for the first treatment.

Important details; The dr. Suggested to have it done on level 3. I know, this is weak. I would expect 4 or 5 for my condition. I told him my sweating is extreme, more of a leak than a sweat. He said their comfort level is 3. The recovery is better, the risk of damaging nerves is a lot lower, and 3 is the most they will do. I am not going to argue with the doctor so 3 it was!

Nothing much to note on the procedure. Much like all other experiences I have read on real self, the nurse put the tattoo on, proceeded with the freezing needles (not as bad as it sounds on here. About half the pain of a bee-string). Then, she fired up the machine and got to it. The whole procedure lasted about 2 hours, freezing included.

I got home and started icing. I iced the whole day for the most part on and off (20 minute intervals). Took a few hour long breaks to cook, get paperwork done etc. A few hours after the surgery my armpits were very swollen. Not only did it feel like I had softballs jammed in there, but it looked like it too! They were huge. Took extra strength advil as well. The freezing started wearing off into the evening. I was walking around my house like my arms were MASSIVE. Like I was a bodybuilder trying to exaggerate my mass. (I had no choice) Me and my girlfriend had a good laugh. Not much pain at all. Just not as mobile as I would of liked to be. I slept fine.

It is now 12:40 PM and I am 27 hours post surgery. Armpits are still swollen. I drank a lot of coffee and was active cleaning my house. Forehead was sweating, back was a little sweaty, armpits = Dry. A little clammy if anything. I would be dripping if this was pre surgery.

I will keep updating here. Dr GIlles Pinnette was amazing. Pre surgery, he was very patient and answered all my questions with no rush whatsoever. The nurse, Leanne who performed the procedure was great. Dr Gilles popped in during the procedure as well. I will probably need a second surgery as first was done on level 3, but $3K to stop sweating and running through dress shirts and clothes seems like a no brainer.


It is February 1st. I tried to post my experience on the 27th and I kept getting error messages. Arm pits are sensitive still, feels like they are bruised.

Yesterday I wore a tighter fitting grey cardigan and had a slimmer fitting jacket over top. THIS, would be the true test. I went to my meeting and left my jacket on for a good couple hours afterwards running errands. I came home, took off my jacket, and looked at my armpits. Nothing. Not a drop of sweat. My t-shirt under the cardigan and jacket was dry as well! I am not going to get too excited incase the sweat glands do come back, but as of right now, I am sweat free. It is unbelievable! It really has yet to sink in.

I will keep updating through-out the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading


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Dr. Gilles Pinette

I had my consultation with Dr. Pinette. He was very generous with his time and made sure I didn't leave there with any unanswered questions. He emphasized his medical strategy as being cutting edge but not at the forefront where mistakes are made. This meshed well with his idea that level 3 is the safest for miradry. Very pleased. Leanne was the nurse who performed my procedure. She was great as well. Overall I couldnt imagine a better body of staff. Very transparent and willing to help.

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