Same Old Face - No Change - Maybe I Need Alot More Help Than Thermage - Winnipeg, MB

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I'm 55 years old, had Thermage done 9 months ago...

I'm 55 years old, had Thermage done 9 months ago on my face and I probably expected too much but don't see a difference even after the nurse showed me photos after 3 months and then 6 months (as it's supposed to keep working for up to 6 months). For me it was a waste of money and hope. I am glad others have seen improvement.

Now I'm looking at surgery - a chin implant (as I have always had a receding chin but in the last few years I look like I have a double chin although I'm a tiny person always trying to gain weight on body. I'm very self conscious about it and of the wrinkles around my eyes so maybe I'm looking at a mini lift. I guess I have a lot more research on real people who have had these problems and a reference for some good doctors in Winnipeg who could help me.

I would show pictures if it made me feel better about myself but, alas, it didn't. I've always avoided pictures and still continue to do so. :(

The nurse who worked on me was very friendly, very positive but I still never really saw any results and still don't. I guess after that much money, I expected something or at least to feel better about looking in the mirror.

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