28, 32 A/B, 125 Lbs, 5'7", No Kids, mentor anatomic 330cc

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My body has been the same size and shape since...

My body has been the same size and shape since about 15. I like it, I am comfortable with it. But I have always wanted a bigger chest and can afford to do it now.. so I'm doing it for me.

I have really only told my close friends so far. I don't mind if others find out, just seems like an odd thing to talk about otherwise.

The pictures and videos I will post are really just for me to compare.. and eventually, just remember what my itty bitties looked like.

I appreciated the people who took their time to post pictures, tips and comparison photos and videos (let's be honest, it's nice they look great.. but do they also move and feel great??)

My surgery date is May 10 with Dr. Lockwood here in Winnipeg. I am excited, but also a little nervous.. I booked 10 days off work, but work includes some moderate (and occasionally heavy) lifting, carry moderately heavy packs, pushing/lifting a transport sled, flying in pressurized and non pressurized small planes, helicopters, etc.

Mentor anatomical CPG 322 330cc

My pre op appointment was with a different nurse than my initial consult.. this is when I saw they were ordering 375cc for me. I was feeling really uneasy about the size as I had thought I picked 330cc and wasn't sure where I would have come up with that number if that wasn't what I we had talked about previously... I ended up calling back to the clinic a few days later and spoke with the same nurse, she was pleasant, but rather dismissive about my concerns about feeling that would be too large for what I was trying to achieve. She seemed a little put off and told me that a size change would require another signed consent (easy peasy) and dr lockwoods approval. I didn't get a call back, so after 10 days I called to ensure this was going to be okay.. I spoke with the first nurse (Krys) again, she made me feel much more at ease about my decision and had me come in to try everything on again just to be sure. I am feeling really good about this next week.. just really ready to have it done! Last week with my itty bitties ????

Signing off, as a long standing member, of the IBTC.

Today came quick! I had the new girls installed first thing this morning and apparently I came out of the OR laughing. I had really no idea what to expect- so I assumed the worst (nausea, pain,pressure, tears...) but other than finding it a little difficult to breathe due to the new weight, things were fine. I'm taking T3s , having small snacks, walking around the house after a few episodes of whatever I have going on Netflix.. whenever I start feeling a little bit of pain, I start the cycle over :) tons of pressure, not a lot of pain though.

Day 2

Dr Lockwood called me today to check up on me and make sure things were going well. Despite sleeping too long (without pain meds) during the night and being an actual turtle stuck on my back.. the day has gone pretty well. He said I can also take aleve as well as the T3, which has been a comfortable combination. Went for a walk around the block.. took me about 10x longer than normal but it felt good to get up for a bit.

Day 4

Feeling a little pressure and decreased movement..but otherwise only took 1 aleve this morning a feel fine.

Almost a week

Not much change

Bruising is almost gone. Pain when I use my muscles too much but otherwise just tight feeling skin.

2 weeks.

2 weeks today. I have been back at work this week.. packs are too heavy to carry but I haven't really had to, I was also able to get out of a flight. My left side hurts more than the right, it feels tighter. I can also feel the scar/implant on that side, my PS says that will go away with time though. Overall I'm really happy with the size and can't wait for them to drop and take shape.

19 days

Feeling a pretty big ripple on the left breast, cleavage side. I hope it chills when the swelling goes down... still really happy with my results though.

Scars and squish

5.5 weeks

Still think this is the best $8G I've ever spent.

I find myself waking up on my side (how I slept pre-op) it doesn't hurt... so I'm hoping it's not going to make my boobs lopsided or otherwise position weird... if anyone has had this happen or been advised to sleep on their back for this reason please let me know!! Haha.

I am even able to lay flat on my stomach on soft surfaces (bed/couch).

I still feel a lot of movement in the left breast, especially when I bend over.. feels like a strange slide.. and the ripple is very palpable on the cleavage side. When I push up gently on the left breast it almost looks square in the cleavage. It doesn't bother me a lot.. but if it can be fixed, I will probably opt for that after I know all the swelling has gone down/softening set in.

I bought silicone tape prior to my surgery, but my scars are looking really nice right now and I'm not sure I will use it. Why fix what's not broken.

I bought my first real bra at Victoria secret.. it's a 32DD. It fits well, but their sizing is generous to say the least. I am probably a big c/d in real bra sizes.

8 weeks

2.5 months

Still have ripples when I bend over. Still get morning boob occasionally. Still love them.

3.5 months

Time flies. I feel like the implants are what I was supposed to be born with. They feel exactly the right size. They have really softened up, I wouldn't say they feel exactly like real breast tissue but it's close enough. I mostly wear sports bras.. the upward pull of something like a padded bra is pretty uncomfortable.

I can feel the implant and still have a bit of rippling on the cleavage edge of both breasts. It's only very noticeable when I bend forward with no clothing on. It doesn't bother me enough to undergo another surgery at this time though. In retrospect I think I probably didn't have enough breast tissue for over the muscle implants.. but again, I am very happy with the results so far.

Best $8000 spent.
Manitoba Plastic Surgeon

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