48 Year Old Mother of 3 Grown Sons

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Hi I wanted to write this as I havea few thingsto...

Hi I wanted to write this as I havea few thingsto say, as well as get some feedback I hope .9 years ago after the breakup of my 18 year marraige , i felt unattractive my breasts had dissapeared to 3 pregnancys , weight loss and gain . I decided to get back the largefull breast of my youth .I decided to get implants to ffill up the loose skin I had aquired due to losing density in my breasts , I had 450 cc gel implants over muscle put in . I always felt that that was the first thing people noticedon me andfound myself being mindful of what i would wear as not to enhance them .Overthe course of those 9 years I haveput 15 lbs of weight and in doing so my breasts have grown even bigger . I find that I suffer from constant back and shoulder pain , headaches and such. I went back to thedr thathad originally done them and we decided id like areduction and lift . My insurance is coveringthe cost . My dr has been kind enough to allow me to pre purchase a 250-275 implant that will bedecided durringsurgery if it will be neededas hewont know how much breast tissue will be left , I have told him that i would prefer him not having to use and would be happy with a small b as i have neverhad small breasts. If the implants are not opened i will get my money back . I have also decided to have flankoplasty to try and rid myself of the muffin top I haveaquired overthe years , my husband is sooooo supportive as I know most men love big boobs lol.

So my surgery is scheduled nov 25 for breast reduction and lift and flankoplasty , heres praying i have enough of my owwwwwn breast tissue to fill out a b cup and dont haveto use small implants!Nervous , excited you name it I feel it . Im at a point in my life that i want to feel free to wear cute shirts , bras that i can buy off the rack andno more sore neck and back due ti thesemelons lol ill post pre size pictures shortly , If any one has had there implants removed and a lift please feel free to comment !
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