29 Years Old, 5,4, 115 Lbs, 3 Kids,

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I've had my consult, surgery is booked and I can't...

I've had my consult, surgery is booked and I can't wait. I am so excited. During my consult, we decided on 375cc high profile silicone gel implants. I will be going under the muscle because I have very little breast tissue to begin with. I liked the 400cc implants but I don't want too look like all implant and extremely fake. My breast width is about an 11.3. I've always been flat chested. Even during my pregnancies and breast feeding I barely gained anything in my breasts, which was a huge disappointment ???? I am very self conscience of my breasts. I feel like a little boy. My boyfriend is happy with my size but I'm not. I don't even fill out an cup. Nothing going on but nipples and ribs lol. I've been doing a lot or research and looking at before and after pics and I'm worried 375cc will be too small. I hope I don't get boob greed. Honestly I'll be happy to have anything more then what I have now. 1 week till I go under the knife. I'll post before pics tomorrow.
Manitoba Plastic Surgeon

Dr Turner was very informative. He made me feel comfortable and that's huge for me.

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