Finally i have found the cure!!! - Winnipeg, MB

I am not a review writer usually but I have to let...

I am not a review writer usually but I have to let the world know about this miracle drug, I had cystic acne on my face, neck, shoulders, Nd back. I have never been able to wear a tank top, or bathing suit and my hair with no makeup for 7 years,Girls suffering from acne severe as mine was understn what I mean.HIGHLY RECOMMEND ACCUTANE! I'm not even done my 120 day course yet and I could almost cry right now talking about how great I feel now. I think the trick to avoiding all those serious side effects is sticking to a lower dosage. I'm on 30mg a day and it took 3 1/2 months ( BE STRONG PEOPLE IT TAKES TIME) and I can officially say I am acne free all over for the first time In 7 years. I wish I could be some sort of motivational speaker for this stuff. If you are thinking about it DO IT! Just stick to a small dosage for the first 4 months. Down side is the dry patches on my arms and cracked lips, the only thing that works is Vaseline. And another upside to it is my hair! It never gets oily! I can't even use oil blotters on my skin anymore, used to fill up 3 at once (nasty)
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