34 Yrs, 112 Lbs, 5"3. 375 Cc HP

I'm a mom to a wild three year old that sucked the...

I'm a mom to a wild three year old that sucked the life out of my already miniature boobs! I also have PCOS and low estrogen which doesn't help! Oh and an gym addict...which also doesn't help boobs lol
I'm scheduled to get a BA in 5 days and freaking F out. So afraid of pain. Getting 375 HP unders. Now I'm afraid I chose too big.

So over these bee stings....

It'll be amazing to feel proportional in my orkout clothes and not feel like a 12 year old boy!!!!! 4 more days ....

Owwwieeeee lol

Pretty sore but managing
I'd say like a combo of major breast milk engorgement and getting beaten up and kicked in the ribs after doing an intense chest workout at the gym ! Blahhhhh
Hope they're pretty!!!

20 hours post op. Can't sleep!!!

Most people complain about being drowsy and sleeping too much but I'm the opposite ! T sucks I just want to sleep but I'm wired!

My dr only prescribed Tylenol 3s. So my pain isn't totally relieved. The pain is similar to a combo of milk engrgement , a hard core chest workout and maybe a few kicks to the ribs :( but it's manageable
Luckily no nausea at all (and I'm a puker!)

Appetite is fine. Already feeling bloated tough so I may start a stool softener lax mix.

They're so hard and riding high.
I have a bit of bruising
I have a sloped rib cage so I doubt lll get nice gushy cleavage :(

Day 3 ! Screw the meds

Well the T3's were making me wired and preventing sleep and bloating me so I cut them out! Yesterday I only
Took 2 aleve and one regular Tylenol for pain and I slept amazing and had a BM!
I have also been icing.

They're still riding high and cars and ugly
Mine are super far apart. I knew this ahead of time because ps said my
Ribs are sloped .
So I am
Not expecting crazycleave. I just hope
They will
Round out!!!


Incision, my spread out boobs, sports bra

Bruising :(

Anyone experience this!?!?!?

Bruising pics... is yellow a good sign ?

I'm calling my PS tomorrow but hoping the yellow means it's on it's way out.
No pain thankfully ... although they look sore!

Positive note

Maybe rounding a tad???? Still hard as rocks and ugly without a bar...lol
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