34 Yrs, 112 Lbs, 5"3. 375 Cc HP

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I'm a mom to a wild three year old that sucked the...

I'm a mom to a wild three year old that sucked the life out of my already miniature boobs! I also have PCOS and low estrogen which doesn't help! Oh and an gym addict...which also doesn't help boobs lol
I'm scheduled to get a BA in 5 days and freaking F out. So afraid of pain. Getting 375 HP unders. Now I'm afraid I chose too big.

So over these bee stings....

It'll be amazing to feel proportional in my orkout clothes and not feel like a 12 year old boy!!!!! 4 more days ....

Owwwieeeee lol

Pretty sore but managing
I'd say like a combo of major breast milk engorgement and getting beaten up and kicked in the ribs after doing an intense chest workout at the gym ! Blahhhhh
Hope they're pretty!!!

20 hours post op. Can't sleep!!!

Most people complain about being drowsy and sleeping too much but I'm the opposite ! T sucks I just want to sleep but I'm wired!

My dr only prescribed Tylenol 3s. So my pain isn't totally relieved. The pain is similar to a combo of milk engrgement , a hard core chest workout and maybe a few kicks to the ribs :( but it's manageable
Luckily no nausea at all (and I'm a puker!)

Appetite is fine. Already feeling bloated tough so I may start a stool softener lax mix.

They're so hard and riding high.
I have a bit of bruising
I have a sloped rib cage so I doubt lll get nice gushy cleavage :(

Day 3 ! Screw the meds

Well the T3's were making me wired and preventing sleep and bloating me so I cut them out! Yesterday I only
Took 2 aleve and one regular Tylenol for pain and I slept amazing and had a BM!
I have also been icing.

They're still riding high and cars and ugly
Mine are super far apart. I knew this ahead of time because ps said my
Ribs are sloped .
So I am
Not expecting crazycleave. I just hope
They will
Round out!!!


Incision, my spread out boobs, sports bra

Bruising :(

Anyone experience this!?!?!?

Bruising pics... is yellow a good sign ?

I'm calling my PS tomorrow but hoping the yellow means it's on it's way out.
No pain thankfully ... although they look sore!

Positive note

Maybe rounding a tad???? Still hard as rocks and ugly without a bar...lol

Day 6

Pain managed with jut Tylenol
Feeling fat. I want the gym sooooooo badly!!!!!

9 days PO

Zero pain yaya!!! Completely off all meds including regular Tylenol.
Bruising is subsiding thakfully????

I did manage to get frost bite from accidentally placing ice packs on my skin....

Still so hard and boxy and I really want this process of dropping to speed up . But o think they will be round at least. My goal was very round high profile ones.

Still high but they re shrinking as the swelling goes

Wish I went bigger now

Back to normal!

Two and a bit weeks post op and I'm pretty much back to Normal. I'm still off work this week which is nice because I am home and more ale to get things done (baking cleaning).
My ps cleared me for light cardio at my post op appointment ????
So I have been doing daily workouts (mostly walking incline and stationary bike).
Also now able to enjoy some wine!
I've still got a lot of dropping and fluffing to do and was instructed to start massaging three times per day.
The bruises are disappearing .
I was told to wait until the steri strips fall off and then not replace them. This freaks me out!

Hard and high

Still hard and sitting high ish ????
This was actually a week ago and they've come down since then.
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