Rhinoplasty with Dr Rajan Uppal

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So I have thought about my nose approximately...

So I have thought about my nose approximately every 10 minutes of my life since the age of 10. My insecurities with my nose first started at this age when someone asked me why I have a bump in my nose. It has troubled me ever since! I wouldn't consider myself to be "ugly" by any means, but I am not doing this to be "pretty". All I want is to eradicate the feeling of wishing someone was not looking at me at a particular angle, or a photo wasn't taken of me side on, or pulling up to traffic lights and feeling like the person in the next car is looking at my nose. I have been considering rhinoplasty ever since I can remember and I am now finally at the point in my life where I am financially able to make it happen. I am 26 years old and have thought about this for a long time. I have decided to bite the bullet and book a consultation! My choices were mainly between lucian ion and rajan uppal, and I have decided to book a consultation with rajan uppal. There seem to be lots of good reviews for him - has anyone had their procedure done by him? How was it? One minute I can't wait to get going and the next I feel like so much could go wrong and I could ruin my face! Does everyone else feel this way? I will upload a picture when I get some appropriate ones! I don't do side on!

Surgery booked!

So following my consultation with DR Uppal I have decided to book for late February!! Argh!! Do most people feel really nervous at this point???? X
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