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Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa. I am 23 years...

Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa.

I am 23 years old, a mother of a beautiful angel who will be turning 3 soon.

My whole life I was always "heavy chested", but I conceal it well. I guess my body hides the body fat well. Currently I am 5"6 - 145lbs BMI @ 24.8% .. 13 months ago I was 196lbs, BMI @ 38%

When I was 16 years old, I started having major headaches from constant back pain and asked my family doctor if I could be referred for this surgery. He stated that "You are very young, have your whole sex life ahead of you. Men are very visual and the scars are not pretty". I was outraged!!

I dealt with it in hopes that over time my body would change, indeed it did. I got pregnant when I was 19, had my daughter at 20 years old and I nursed her for 2 years.

I did see another Doctor during my nursing time, and he advised me that I should wait until I was finished to be assessed because your breasts go down in volume, and even size.

I was a size 34 F while I nursed her, and over time dropped down to a 34 E. I currently wear 34 DD, but properly fitted I should still be a 34 E.

I seen a doctor in February 2013, and finally had my consultation 3 weeks ago. I love my surgeon!! She made me feel so comfortable, she informed me about everything I needed to know. She assessed me, took my measurements, went through the procedure and told me about all possible risks. She said that they will be performing the "Lollipop" Method, so I will not have a scar underneath.

Due to the fact that I am a single mother with no immediate family around me, the Surgeon was very considerate in attempting to accommodate my urgency for this surgery. My parents live 45 minutes away, which is not far.. but at the End of April (April 20th) they will be going to Portugal for 6 months. If I was going to have any assistance with this I definitely need my mom around. They submitted the Application to OHIP the same day, as well as taking before photos.

They did advise me that lately OHIP was taking 4-6 weeks to send back an approval, but they dated the form with March 6th for a surgery date. (I requested this as the following week would be my break from school, and my daughter would be at her fathers house.) They advised me it would be a slim chance, but they would try. If they didn't receive the approval in time, they would move the date to March 20th.

I got the news last Monday that my surgery was approved WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! and would be taking place on Thursday March 6th!!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am, and at the same time how nervous I am feeling that it is only one week away.

It was all covered with the Ontario Insurance, I did pay $1300 up front for the Liposuction she will be doing on the sides (since it is a cosmetic aspect, they would not cover it). I figured, if I am having this done, why not do everything I can to get the best result.

I'm all prepared with my post-op bra, the same one I purchased is this one :

I heard it was one of the best available, so I had to get it for myself.
I would appreciate any experiences/feedback , I know I dragged this post on, but I think I covered just about everything... :) Thank you for reading!!

Before Photos

I DID IT!!!!!

Just wanted to write my update, I went to the hospital this morning at 6am, around 7:30 the surgeon took me into a room and marked me up, after I went into the OR and they hooked me up to all the machines and what not. I don't even remember what happened before I fell asleep, but when I woke my throat hurt a bit. And all I could think about was food haha. I didn't feel any pain at all, just a bit of soreness. I got perkocets prescribed to me and have already taken one since returning to my moms. I took my surgical bra off and I must say, I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. They look weird right now because it's so fresh. I expected them to be box like as I have read that on here, it looks like I will be a full B Afterwards , but we will see. I am supposed to take a shower Saturday and leave the tape in the incisions. I will be posting pictures ASAP. Thank You!

Post Op photos

So happy!!!!!!!!

3 days Post Op!! Feeling a bit out of it thanks to medication

My sides hurt a lot today due to the bruising from the liposuction. I had a shower, that was a bit difficult for me, but the percocets I was prescribed have been helping me keep the pain to a minimum. I know my boobs are going to drop into their shape as they heal so I'm not concerned with my nipples facing down right now.

4 days Post Op

Today is probably the worst day I've experienced so far. I've had a pounding migraine all day and I'm not sure if its because of the percocets I've been taking, but I've been taking them to a bare minimum. I only took one at 9am, and right now took two ibuprofen to try and ease the migraine. Not much pain today, compression bra is holding everything in well. My mom drove me home today and driving for 40 minutes made me feel super nauseous. Just going to be a full day of much needed rest. Happy Healing everyone xo

Visit to the ER

As mentioned in prior post, I had an awful migraine that wouldn't go away. I stopped taking the pain meds, and also tried to sleep off the headache. I have been drinking plenty of fluids and nothing seemed to help. I went to the ER and they did nothing of course, just hooked me up to some Iv than sent me home.. Today I woke up with a headache still, I hope it goes away. My surgeon advised me to take some Motrin if needed to help relieve the pain. If it persists over the next few days, ill have to go and see a doctor again. Anyone else experience bad migraine post op??

5th day post op

Feeling much better!! Major Migrane is gone, purchased extra strength Tylenol and just laid down with an ice pack on my head. Felt great! Very minimal pain for me, I know the vertical incision isn't as painful as the anchor so cheers to you ladies. Bruising is more noticeable now, still tender to touch. Still swollen, Left breast is very swollen underneath.

I found an old photo

I weighed around 165lbs here, I'm quite embarrassed to post this, I usually take photos during my milestones working out, and I had gone from 195 to 165 ... Sorry for the quality, but you can see how large and fuller my breasts were prior to losing weight.

Tomorrow marks one week since my Surgery!! Woo HOO

I've been feeling absolutely amazing. Headaches come and go I find when I am more active throughout the day, but my extra strength Tylenol are always nearby if needed. I have been healing normal I think, tape is still on. I can see the different beautiful color spectrum from the bruising. I go and see my PS for my follow up apt on Monday. :) I hope all of you are healing with ease as well xo

First Follow Up Apt.

My Surgeon said everything is healing well, we removed the tape that was crossing over on the bottom, not going to lie, I prefer to see them with tape. Seeing the scrunchy skin is giving me mixed feelings. I was told to let the tape fall off on it's own, and afterwards to re-apply more tape and continue this for the next 6 months as it helps with healing scars. I have another appointment in 8 weeks to check on how everything is going. I guess my only concern is why it is stitched past the crease line? I hope my crease doesn't drop down that far... I'd be quite depressed actually. Anybody that got the vertical incision have the same issue? Maybe I'm just freaking myself out, I'll trust the Surgeons work, it is her job after all.

Follow up pictures

I took off the tape! I was surprised, but expected what I saw.

This morning, after I took a shower I slowly removed the tape, seeing as it didn't look like it was going to fall off anytime soon. I then reapplied new tape over the incisions. I guess my only concern at this point is being sad because my right nipple is larger than my left, due to the fact my daughter nursed more on that breast and caused it to stretch further. I guess it's not too bad, also It is swollen still. Anybody have hard areas in their breast after their surgery? I feel that in my left breast there is a big solid lump, but my right seems fine.

Going through my clothes...

I can't believe the things I can wear now, makes me so so so SO happy. I can finally wear shirts with buttons in the front, as well as BANDOS and strapless bikini tops!!!!!!! Woooo hooooo. I've been feeling absolutely great, I painted my bathroom, I watched my arm movement and no pain. Hope everyone is healing well!! Xo

Almost 4 weeks Post Op..

I have no complaints with how I am feeling.. back to my busy schedule school/work and being a single mommy. I love my breasts now, I'm not used to my nipples being so dark and in a perfect circle... like someone has drawn them on, but i'll get used to it. My only concern really is they puff out a bit, especially my right... and also, my right incision isn't centered, I'm not sure why it is off to the side. I am sooooooooooo excited to start working out though!!! Any questions feel free to ask!

1 month and a half post op!!

To be honest, I couldn't be happier with my results. I think they are perfect perfect perfect!! Scars are very very hard to see, and I know once I start working out again they will firm up more!! :) Best decision I ever made!!!!!

Almost 2 1/2 months post op

I think they are bigger than I wanted, but I know with working out they will firm up and possibly get a bit smaller. I have my 8 week post op apt next tuesday (was supposed to be last week but had to reschedule) I think all is well, had no issues with the scarring or any "dog ears"

A week away from 4 months Post Op

Love the results I got from this reduction, has made my life so much better. I can exercise without pain! I still forget sometimes to correct my posture, but that will come over time!
Dr. Isabel Chow

She is amazing! Very well respected in her field, has shown me her portfolio and I am very impressed. Considerate, and explains everything very thoroughly. Great attitude.

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