Hi. In Australia & Want to Explant Saline & Replace Lost Volume by FT. Would Love F-back from Women in OZ - Windsor, AU

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Hi. I'm in Melbourne and would love to know of a...

Hi. I'm in Melbourne and would love to know of a female PS with numerous years of experience doing this. Also I would love to hear from you about the long term results of this procedure. I know that the initial volume decreases in time - thats OK but just how much volume have you lost in your case?

Saline out implant left behind.

Am thinking of explanting. Has anyone had saline withdrawn from implant and left the bag?

Removing liquid from implants

I'd like to hear from those of you whom have had the saline syringed from their implants and have not removed the implant. I am having this done soon and would love some feedback.

My first implants were when I was 24, I'm now 54....

My first implants were when I was 24, I'm now 54. They were silicon over the muscle. About 7 years ago I re augmented over the muscle with saline. I have not been happy with them since. So now I've decided to have the saline syringed out and leave the implant intact. PS has suggested this as option.

No fat transfer

My review says I want to fat transfer. I don't at all. I did a new review but for some reason my first review from 2015 has been placed over my 2016 review.
Actually getting breasts deflated soon

At last. No saline but empty implant still there

Before and after in tops

As you can see my left Breast (photo done in mirror) is a little flat on top.

\ to fat transfer or to not fat transfer

After having my breast implants deflated (which I love) the animation I have is pretty obvious due to a very boney sternum area. Also years of having silicone breasts over the muscle seems to have made the muscle do something rather unattractive and obvious. when I move my pec muscles the animation is plain to see. My PS has suggested fat transfer to the sternum area in the hope of softening the sternum area and giving a fuller look.
Has anyone had FT to that area?
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