Vaser Lipo Left Me Looking Horrible

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I had Vaser Liposuction done with Dr Alex Chambers...

I had Vaser Liposuction done with Dr Alex Chambers.
My body is very now irreparably disfigured because too much fat was removed and the effect has left huge hollows in my legs and thighs and hips.
I was very sick following the surgery ( Dr Chambers is NOT on the Specialist Register she is a GP) .
I was completely trusting in this persons abilities as she was very convincing and looked smooth and perfect herself and used herself as an example to convince me of The potentially very beneficial results with the Vaser method of fat removal performed by her.
Her apparent 'attention to detail' and the way in which she conducted herself before I agreed to proceed was flawless and compelling. Her clinic was immaculate and her staff very agreeable.
She used Ultrasound to measure my fat and skin thickness, however this is not done generally by geniune surgeons.
If I am able to make one single person stop and NOT proceed with treatment with Dr Alex Chambers, it will save one person from the terrible reality which I have experienced. My life and self confidence is ruined. I do not want anyone else to go through what I went through and still have to live with.
I needed emergency NHS treatment including blood transfusions or else I might have died.
I am left with nightmare memories and a very disfigured body that no surgery can fix.
I am truly broken and damaged.

So here are the pictures of my VASER LIPOSUCTION DISASTER

I'm so devastated by the horrific results I got from my Vaser Liposuction by Dr Alex Chambers. I'm posting this so others can see and therefore make an informed decision before doing this procedure

Vaser Lipo Disaster

Here are my photos which clearly show the before and after .....
London Dermatologist

Cold, polite and Superior . Convincing but check her actual GMC credentials to perform surgery.

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