Surgery on 07/14/16- What to Potentially Expect - Wilmington, DE

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Hi all- I just had surgery last Thursday and I'm...

Hi all- I just had surgery last Thursday and I'm doing well. I was able to walk literally within a couple hours after surgery and I walked often in the hospital for the 2 days I was there as a friend who previously recommended the surgery advised me to. The pain for this surgery is actually pretty low- I felt no pain "inside" my stomach at all, just a little bit at the incision sites- I have 5.I didn't take any pain medication at all past day 1 of being home.
The first few days home I was pretty miserable though, truth be told. I think being filled with gas and such really had an impact and I was dreading my choice. I could not even fit one whole protein shake in me! I also had a reflux-y sort of feeling with each swallow, but that has since dissipated. Now , after a week, I can easily do 2 shakes (maybe I could push 3) and drink decent amounts of water. I'm basically never hungry-ever. As long as I do not have blood clot or other heinous complications, I think I am going to be very happy I did this. I cannot wait to get the go-ahead to do some real exercise. I feel soft and weak and can't wait to change that asap.
Oh-my details! I am 5'9 and weighed 240 at surgery. I think my BMI was 28? I believe in the U.S. most insurance companies look for 40+ but I have some aggravating factors like a wicked bad knee and narcolepsy so I was approved. I have amazing insurance and my out of pocket is next to nothing. I'll try to give an update in a month!

Body pics-Clothed 4 months post op

I am down over 60 pounds since July! This surgery makes you NOT CARE about food, which is an amazing feeling for someone like me who has often obsessed over it. I am having 0 emotional issues, and 0 body functionality issues either. This surgery was definitely the right move for me!!
Newark Bariatric Surgeon

I am very proud to have been operated on by a woman-that doesn't happen often!

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