Getting InMan Aligner - Willimantic, CT

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I had braces as an adult already. But I didn't eat...

I had braces as an adult already. But I didn't eat my retainer and my front teeth have moved. Most noticeably my front bottom teeth. The Inman Aligner is like a retainer and Invisalign but only for the front teeth. It's a re-treatment for people who have had braces with some relapse. I'm excited to correct my teeth again and I will be wearing my retainer always after this treatment. It's expected to take 90 days. (As long as I follow protocol, and wear the retainer 23 hours a day. Take it out only to eat.) I had my impressions taken a few weeks ago. I am fitted for the appliance tomorrow. I'm excited. Although braces make your mouth very sore.. Hopefully my treatment goes quickly.

Pictures before and after

My front teeth are straighter. But not perfect. I would not have spent the money had I known my final result. I would have gotten Invisalign or full braces.
Dr. Jay Stevens

My dentist is doing the Aligner. I've been going to this office since 2005. I love the staff and prices are reasonable. I did my zoom whitening here in 2009.

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