37 Yrs Old W/ One Kid. 5'5, Weigh 125-130lbs and a 34A - Williamsville, NY

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I'm overwhelmed because my Dr. Is not sure what...

I'm overwhelmed because my Dr. Is not sure what size implant will fit! He will have 2 silicone sizes at the time of surgery. 350cc & 375cc! Both are smaller than what I had hoped for:( The surgery is already paid for, so my question is...what can I do besides go to another Dr.? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I will take a few post op pics asap!!

Wish boobs


Uhp 400cc silicone unders

I had another pre op appt. yesterday & I feel soon much better! I felt much more comfortable this time. I brought pictures & remembered all my questions & concerns! The last time I was there my head must have been in the land boobies & dreams!
Anyways.. He is going to have a 400cc in the operating room along w/ a few smaller sizes. He doesn't want me to be disappointed when I wake up if he had to go w/ a smaller size. I guess I wanted to get my boobie greed over w/ before the surgery! I feel better knowing that I made myself very clear about wanting to go as big as I can. Now it's all up to my PS & out of my hands!!
My surgery is a week away & I can't stop thinking about it! I'm so excited! Big boobs & time off from work! Why did I wait so long!lol Honestly, It's a really good distraction for me. The timing is epic! My life is a country song right now! My son dropped out of school, I'm getting a divorce & my cat died 2 weeks ago...it's gonna be a one hit wonder!lol
I really like browsing this site & reading everyone's journey! It has helped me tremendously!! Ladies
I shall return w/ big boobs!

The struggles real!

Day 1
375cc right side
400cc left side
Silicone unders

Day 2 post-op

Feeling soooo much better!!

Day 4 Post-op

Post-op appointment today & finally got to see them!!!

Day 5 post-op

Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

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