26 Y/o 2 Young Children Pre Op 34-36A Cup - Wilkes Barre, PA

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I am currently 26 with two young children ages 9...

I am currently 26 with two young children ages 9 and 6. I wear a size 32-34A bra and 34B padded bras. All though I have a significant gap up top. My goal is to achieve a D cup appearance and my PS suggested 390cc apparently thats all he thinks I can fit. I can state every obvious reason as to why I was a BA done but the main would be I'm doing it for myself to enhance my body and make me feel a tad more feminine! Below are images of what look I am striving for :)

Stats, looking for input pls!

5' 7.5" 137lbs 2 small children, no breastfeeding, currently 34A. Below are pre BA images I am looking for advice I'd like to be in the full D range. I understand you don't go by cup size but I'm trying to figure out with my size now if I can achieve that look. I'm going with Saline! Any input is appreciated :)

May 11th can come soon enough

Here are some more pre op pics, these prove there is not point for me to wear a bra since I obviously can't fill one it :-p

Set for May 11, saline HP I believe 425cc m/f to 500cc. Wasn't sure if I should go a size larger since I've been hearing you lose 50cc under the muscle?

The twins have finally arrived!!!

I love my PS so much and his nurses! They really have made this the best experience. No complications the surgery went smooth we were on time and they were so much fun at the hospital all the staff I can't thank enough!!! We did saline allergen HP 550cc pre op 34/36A I have mild pain nothing that isn't tolerable. Lots of pressure but it isn't that bad overall I didn't get sick from anesthesia it's was the best hospital visit ever!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Krafchin to anyone!!! I will post pics after my post op appt on Monday ????

Twins update from 5/11 po day 1

In a lot of pain now that all the stuff from the hospital wore off. Sore throat as well from the breathing tube. Tight and sharp burning pains under the breast but overall I am happy :)
Scranton Plastic Surgeon

Currently met with my PS 3xs this far. The office staff was very informative and kind and made sure I left with all questions answered and satisfaction. Dr. Ira Krafchin answered almost all of my questions and was realistic about what my expectations were. I was able to view photos from his office as well as share photos of what look I would like to achieve. I did not try on sizers or do any 3D imaging since the office did not have the equipment. I understand you do not base size off of cup size but my goal is to achieve the D cup image. He suggested 390cc Saline for me but I feel as if that may still be too small. Surgery is scheduled May 11 and pre op is April 21! I am excited for the journey :)

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