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I didn't think I was going to share my rhinoplasty...

I didn't think I was going to share my rhinoplasty experience on here, but looking and reading others posts has helped me so much, I thought it would only be fair!
I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow for rhinoplasty. I wasn't really going to tell anyone I was getting it done, but I am too excited and started sharing more and more.
I have to admit, I am a little worried about others judgement, but it is for me, so who cares. Everyone I've told has said such nice things and I can tell they are excited for me too:)

I am hoping for results like this!

I just LOVE the results in this before and after I googled. I am hoping for something like this!

9 days away!

Yesterday I was thinking and started getting anxious and a little scared for the after part of surgery. I'm just nervous for what it will look like afterwards. It is just hard for me to imagine looking any other way than it does now. I trust that my surgeon is going to do a great job. I know he knows his stuff and is going to make my outcome look natural. I just worry that it will still be too big for my face, or what if it looks small, but then doesn't look right on my face?! But then I called and talked to my boyfriend and he reassured me that it will look great. That's why I love him. He was the first person I actually even told I wanted to have it done. At first he thought I was not serious or maybe I was "testing" him I think, lol. He said I should never do that cause he loves me just the way I am and thinks I'm so beautiful. But I explained to him that I didn't like it and some of the issues it causes in my life. It is like the "elephant in the room" as I heard some one else on here refer to it as. I know many are sensitive to my feelings and would never say anything about it. I know how some times they don't want to say anything about noses lol. But trust me, I know it doesn't look right and even ugly, as I have heard from the mouths of many children even as an adult. It still hurts my feelings, because I know it's true, but I'm so glad I won't have to hear that anymore. I'm glad he has been very supportive of my decision.
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