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I have had my eyes and lips done twice over the...

I have had my eyes and lips done twice over the last decade and just recently had my eyebrows done with the hair stroke technique. You don't really realize the change untill you see past pics of you without it. The eyebrows were the quickest and least painful. The eyes/lips are uncomfortable if they don't leave the anesthetic on long enough. One technician I worked with was an instructor and she had me sit watching TV with the topical on for quite some time. It only felt like an annoying scratching sensation. I've moved since then and wanted to deepen my lip color so I went to another place. She left the cream on for 30 min, but I still don't think it was long enough for me. My point is it was more uncomfortable. I recommend going a shade darker than you really want. I found I was so conservative the first time (what with it "permanent" and all) that I didn't really notice it. Also, don't be afraid to go back I noticed my last application didn't cover my whole lip and so I asked her to touch those areas up. To my surprise she opened a drawer and put her glasses on! I couldn't help but think "Lady! Why didn't you START with your glasses on?!". Regardless, she has all her certifications and a good track record of experience. In the end, I left happy with all my work.

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Permanent eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrows

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