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I have my consultation scheduled for February 8th,...

I have my consultation scheduled for February 8th, I'm hoping if all goes right and I feel comfy with this Dr I can schedule my surgery for April 4th. I will upload before pics at some point, I hate to see naked right now. I am wanting a full mommy makeover. My boobs need a little fullness added but mostly I want the tummy tuck the most.

Any words of wisdom or advice?

Anything I need to bring for my consultation? I'm making a list of questions and trying to research breast types and sizes. I'm a B cup right now and I think a C will be just perfect. I just want them perky and high. I CrossFit and run train runs and races so I don't want then to be in the way either.

Booked my date!

So booked my date, it's for sure April 5th. Let the count down begin!

Before pics


Researching everything I'm going to need for my post op recovery. I'm staying with my son in his apt so I have to bring everything with me. I'm thinking about renting a lift chair for the 2 weeks that I'm there. Let me know what everyone's go to items was during recovery!

30 days!!

It's getting closer! I can't wait, I'm so ready for this. I'm getting my post op supplies together. I'm still struggling on if I need a faja or just use the binder.

Pre op today

So got my preop done today. I'm 15 days out and couldn't be more excited!

24 hours to go.

Well I'm finally down to one day. I have packed all my stuff and getting ready to travel to my sons apartment to rest and nest before 0630 tomorrow morning.

On the flat side

Well I made it to the flat side. I have to say, I hate the drains more than anything. They burn. I made the mistake of not getting a recliner for my sons house thinking I could just get up off the couch easily. Oh hell to the fucking no. My wife is going out to buy me a recliner in the morning. As for the actual work, what little I got to see looks amazing. My breasts look so beautiful, and I could see my vagina siting up. My waist where he did lipo is snatched up. I'm so happy and glad I was able to do this. Here is my before and afters.

Get the recliner lol!

So my first 24 hours. I arrived at the surgery center, got my markings done. I'm in place. Apparently after the anesthesiologist gave me the relaxation drugs I didn't relax. Instead I had to be walked around by my nurse to calm me down about being intubated lol. I don't remember any of this of course. She said I was telling him which drugs to induct me with and what size tube I wanted. Eventually she got me back onto the table to begin the surgery. I woke up in recovery and she was showing my results to my wife and my son who just tagged along. I was so excited that I was sitting up and I saw my vagina, and of course I said it out loud. My nurse was laughing and my poor son has been traumatized lol. So we get home to my sons apartment. He doesn't have a recliner and I didn't get one cuz I figured I could make the couch work. Wow was I wrong. At 0430 my legs slipped off my pillows on the couch and I shot straight up. Most horrible pain ever. So I sent my wife out to buy a recliner today. They got it set up and now I'm way more mobile and easier to get up and down. I hate drains did I mention that lol? It's only up and better from here. This is the best group of folks ever!


Finally feeling a little human. I'm not near as sore, and I'm moving around a lot better. My drains aren't getting in the way too much anymore either I do find myself being wide awake one moment and then desperate to close my eyes the next second. My advice sleep when ever your eyes get heavy.

Shower makes everything better

So I have had 2 showers. They make you feel human that's for sure. I'm day 4 post op. I have only had 600mg of ibuprofen and my colace today. Take the stool softener, you will thank me for that info. I have only had 20ml come out of my drains today. So I'm hoping soon I can get them taken out. So far I'm not regretting my decision and I'm super happy. My scars look great.

Had a moment

I got my drains out today. Loaded up my car to make the 2.5 hour drive back to my home so my son can have his living room back and his private time. As I was driving I looked down at my lap. Normally there is a large slab of fat sitting on my thighs. Well that's gone, I saw my thighs. I'm so happy, this was the best decision I have ever made. The boobs were just a bonus lol! Recovering with my kitty cat!

Feeling good

Today I'm 7 days post op. It's been a good day, I'm healing well. I do hate the binder though, I took it off for an hour this morning and it was heaven. I have 3 weeks that I have to wear the binder and then I can switch to a faja or spanx type garment. My scars are looking good, I can't wait to start scar treatment, but I know I have a long time for that one. The best advice I can give so far is take the rest time. Get up and go for walks, take naps, and eat protein!

Don't over do it.

So the other day I decided I would do laundry, clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms. Yeah don't do that. I'm not in any pain so it's hard for me to sit and chill, I'm pretty much a workaholic. But I regretted the swelling that took place and was so super tight. Just let the healing happen and take it easy, even if you are in no pain. Yesterday I went and got a pedi and it felt so good to have my legs massaged. By the way I love my new body!

Healing well

Things are going great, my scar is looking good and my breasts are getting softer. Loving my results, I'm ready to get back to the gym and speed up the results I'm wanting by getting my muscles back.

Almost normal

Well I have worked out 3 days this week. I did some back squats and front squats, don't think it was a great idea to do weighted squats. I was pretty swollen on the third day and just did some low impact cardio. I took today off to relax. I can't find any compression garments that are comfortable and don't actually hurt me yet, so I'm still wearing my binder until I can find something. I'm relatively pain free and my only spots that give me trouble is my mons. It's always so swollen and the scars where the drains were are always sore to the touch. My scars are looking amazing and healing great. I love looking in the mirror now and I'm so very pleased with my results.

Back to the real world!

I'm 10 weeks post op. Loving my results, I'm back to CF and lifting light weights. I'm still swelling pretty much every day by noon, but every morning I wake up flat. So I know one day on my future I will stay flat all day long! My recovery has been very nice and I'm so thankful for not having any issues. I can't wait to build all my muscles back and do pull-ups and push ups again.
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