SmartLipo on Upper/lower Belly and Love Handles

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I will be turning 40 this summer so I decided to...

I will be turning 40 this summer so I decided to get the smart lipo as a 40th B-day present to myself. The actual procedure (which took about 3 hours for 3 spots--upper and lower belly and love handles). I though this would be consired 1 area but I guess they consider this 3 areas (hence they got away with charging me for 3 areas).

The actual procedure was not that painful (although the numbing process was very painful). Now the post op--that's another story. A lot more painful than what I had expected. I am now on my 4th day and I am still very sore, bruised and swollen. I am still on pain medication and although it has been getting easier every new day --I am still amazed at how sore I am. I have 8 incisions and they are still very painful.

My question is this--why do we have to wear the compression garments 24/7 for the next 2 weeks and what happens if you don't wear the garment? I want to know the exact reason for the garment and is it true that the tighter the better? Also--could my actual garment (which is a body suit) actually be causing more harm than good?

Final Inches (Costa Mesa, CA)

It's still early but so far I can see a difference (I think) Check with me 6-8 weeks from now....

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