Informative Consultation WIth Dr. James Gordon - White Plains, NY

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Dr. James Gordon provides an informative...

Dr. James Gordon provides an informative consultation. 5 STARS is my rating. I found Dr. James Gordon's name doing further research on oculoplastic surgery and met Dr. Gordon for a free consultation. I had Mohs surgery and plastic surgery repair in the right canthus area six months ago. As a result my right inner lower eyelid is now lower and facing outwards. I was previously told a variety of different further surgeries/procedures that were needed by a number of doctors (including another oculoplastic surgeon, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons) some of which sounded far too involved. Dr. Gordon actually took the most time of everyone to clearly explain everything to me. I was seen at the scheduled time and did not have to wait nearly two hours as I did previously elsewhere. Dr. Gordon was able to answer all of the questions I had and stated there were different techniques to try and correct this condition and suggested a specific oculoplastic surgeon who he has seen do the specific ectropion repair technique needed in my case. He in no way pushed for the technique he used or any major surgery as others have. He genuinely wanted to be kept informed of my future feedback on visits/correspondence for my condition. There are hardly any medical surgery doctors nowadays as honest and helpful as Dr. James Gordon.

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