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So I did it! I signed the consent forms for my...

So I did it! I signed the consent forms for my first procedure....Bellesoma breast lift with Dr M Kara in whitby Ontario. I've been researching the options and wanted a technique that would provide me with minimal scarring. I recognize that I can't steer clear of scars when it comes to surgery, but to eliminate that vertical scar means everything to me. I'm nervous, anxious, excited all at the same time and can't wait to embark on this journey towards a new body. After 7 pregnancies, 5 children including 1 set of twins...I deserve it. May 5 2017 sx date!

Before pics

3D imaging complete 2 weeks to go

Just did my 3D imagining pics for my breast lift in 2 weeks. Stopped at the pharmacy and picked up b complex with vitamin c, folic acid and iron supplement. I will start today Still researching a great silicone tape for my scar.

Complex case

Just learned that my surgery has to be rescheduled. My case apparently is a complex case and Dr Horndeski will accompany Dr Kara in Toronto to do surgery as team. I'm so nervous. Hoping all goes well. New date of May 8th 2017 awaits.

Meds ready...all set to go!

Surgery tomorrow and I'm a nervous Wreck. No wonder they give you Ativan in the scoot cocktail. Saw Dr Kara and he says Dr horndeski wanted to come as my shape is complex in that the length of my breast isn't as long as they'd like. But there's apparently a technique that they use to deal with this challenge. I'm scarred. But I feel like I can't back out now. Picked up all meds after running around to various pharmacies. Still missing my antiseptic solution decidin 4%. Couldn't find that anywhere. Word of advise...get your rx and meds early to avoid the hassle of trying to find a pharmacy with all the meds.

Day 1 post op

Dr Kara and his team was amazing. I was well taken care of but holy crap no one prepared me for the pain. Waking up out anesthesia I thought I was going to die. They did manage to get my pain down to about 4 on the pain scale after a cocktail of meds but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be that rough. Still not sure what my breast look like as I'm wrapped in support cast and bandage. From what I can see my breast seem very swollen, one seems bigger than the other, my size is smaller than expected but still happy with smaller especially if I have a nice lift and my nipples seem uneven. Not worried yet as I'm so swollen and there's no way to tell results yet. Tomorrow I see dr Kara who I'm assuming will take off my cast and get me sized for my bra. Keep you all posted.

Day 2 post op

36 d so far. Just had yellow light therapy to promote healing and pain is becoming much more manageable. Still hard to tell what my results will be but overall I'm happy. From the front my scar underneath seems less visible however when I lie down it shows quite a bit. But it's day 2 post op and lots of swelling and fluid still. Once things settle I'm pretty sure the scar will be less visible. The scar around my nipple is pretty much non existent. Just beautiful I love it. The team has been great. Extremely supportive.

Emotional today!

Today has been so emotional for me. Was Feeling like I made a mistake. Reassurance from my mom and the Dr Kara team has been my saving grace. I feel like my breast are too high and I'm so self conscious. When I hug people I feel like they know what I've done. It also felt like all eyes were on my breast today. So weird. I wasn't prepared to feel that way. I kept hiding my breasts today because it felt so big and high. Feel like it's sitting in my throat ( exaggerates). I guess or been use to hanging low that I didn't realize it would grow to love he new me.
I've been told by many that once swelling goes down and breast drop it will look more natural. That can't come soon enough for me.
Got drains out and feel so much better physically and when I tried on my new tank top I did gather up a dose of confidence. Looking forward to the seeing my results 1 month from now. Also I am noticing that they're stating to take its shape.

Day 6

Things are healing

Swelling is going down and I'm loving the shape that my breasts are taking on. I did develop a hematoma in my left breast and had to undergo surgery again. This occurred about 7 days post op. Dr Kara was amazing and took me in right away. Small set back but on on the road to recovery once again. Using silicone strips on my scar and kelocote silicone scar gel. just waiting for my breast to drop some more and take on it's new shape.

Things I love right now is the upper fullness and size.

Was nervous about my areola being slightly different size between left and right but now that the steri strips are off I think it looks great.

My biggest fear right now is the scar under my breast. But I know from research that's it's way too soon to tell how things will settle and heal. So I wait patiently and hope that my breast drop enough to cover the scar. Really hoping for enough of a drop that the scar is hidden.

I'm considering implants or fat transfer. Gonna talk to Dr Kara and his team to get their thoughts.
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