My Laser Removal Story

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I considered laser removal for years on a tattoo...

I considered laser removal for years on a tattoo on my upper arm which I regretted getting about one year after I had it done. I was apprehensive of laser removal for many reasons: cost, pain, questionable effectiveness, etc. Recently a local spa/salon was offering a promotion for a free session for anyone in my profession. I decided to go for a consultation and found they used The Quanta Q-Plus C device. The technician told me she would actually give me 3 free sessions, since 1 was unlikely to make much of a difference. After speaking with her and doing my research, I decided to go for it.

The first session was very painful. Only black was targeted for this session. My arm stung like a sunburn x's 10. After about an hour or 2 the pain subsided some. It was painful to the touch for several days or longer. A couple days after, the swelling began. It went all the way down my forearm. I felt like I had club arm. This lasted a couple days. Then slowly the pain went away and everything felt normal again. I noticed significant fading, much more than I had expected.

The second session was very painful, no worse or less than the first. This session we did black again and also did the color. For this session I brought my boyfriend to hold my hand (for me to squeeze his lol) and that actually helped for me. This time my arm blistered in the colored areas (purple, red). The blisters were manageable and subsided after a few days, leaving scabs. Eventually it all healed just fine. Only a small amount of upper arm swelling with this session. Noticeable fading.

For my third session, we again did the black and the color. Pain was the same. Aftercare was much easier. Very very minimal blistering and swelling. Noticeable fading, perhaps a little less than previous sessions.

For my fourth session, again we did black and color. Pain was the same. Aftercare seemed to be a breeze. No swelling or blistering. Just some initial stinging (like a sunburn) and slight pain for a couple days. Noticeable fading, again perhaps less drastic than the initial sessions.

After my fourth session I went to my tattoo artist and asked about a cover up. He suggested one final laser session, which I have coming up in about 3 weeks. I will update with final laser comparison pictures as well as my cover up pictures (first session in April!)

5th Q-Switch session

Pics from about 8 weeks after my 5th and final Q-Switch. Start my cover up next week!

Final Q-switch laser results - 5 sessions

Taken right before starting my cover up, about 8 weeks after my 5th and final q-switch laser session.

First session of my cover up!

On 4-27-17 I started my cover up (no more laser!!!) about 8 weeks after my 5th laser session with the q-switch. The artist tattooed me for about an hour and a half and here are the results! I'm so excited to go back for my next cover up session!

2nd session of my cover up

I had my second cover up session yesterday! The artist had originally wanted to do a full color piece, but I wanted to do more of a black and gray piece. He said we could definitely do the leaves and filigree in black and gray shading, but for the roses he thought color would be better (purple, blue, and pink is what he suggested... the big one on bottom purple, the medium one blue, and the smallest one pink) . He said if I didn't want color we could do the actual color gray (not just shaded black or watered down black). I never really liked the gray color, so I think I will stay away from that. I think I'm leaning towards doing the roses in color. I do like the idea of purple, but I also like the idea of blue. But if I did purple and blue, the third rose would be pink. I'm ok with that idea, but also wondering if I should do the roses all the same color... either all purple or all blue... I have 2 weeks to decide! No matter what I am so much happier already!! You cannot see any of the old tattoo under what is finished! He said we may do another pass over what he just did, once it heals and we can see how it looks! I can't wait to see! It looks a bit darker in the pictures than it will be because my skin is "angry" lol. The pain was much better this session than the last. That is to be expected I guess due to the style of tattooing done. Outline is more painful to most than shading. I think we went for about an hour and a half for this session. Maybe 2. I'm not sure, I don't watch the time!

Quick update

So after some research, I decided to go with gray for the roses! I wasn't 100% satisfied with the idea of color, since I would have preferred black and gray if I'd had no restrictions. I looked more into the opaque gray color and found that I actually really like it! It is a similar look to black and gray, which I love! I didn't get a picture at the shop because the tattoo artist wrapped me up quickly and I wore my bandage for 3 days as instructed. So now I'm healing and it's pretty dry/scabby/peeling/etc. So I will add some pictures very soon!!

Some pics!

Here are some pics! Still have a little work to do, but my old tattoo is GONE! Forever! I'm so happy! (Don't mind the toys lol)
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