never again - dys-aster! - Westwood, NJ

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I had dysport two weeks ago in the forehead and...

I had dysport two weeks ago in the forehead and crows feet. I have had botox 3x in the past with great results but the doctor only did my forehead and outer corners of my eyes. I went to a new doctor and he injected below my eye directly into the crows feet wrinkle where it puckers when you smile. I thought this was weird but it happened so fast. I also had severe bruising in both corners of my eyes and pretty severe on the left corner. I am now experiencing the chipmunk face that has been described on this site and am freaking out. I have hollows under my eyes where my cheeks used to come up nice and high. I am also feeling weird tingling sensations in my face. Like many others have described, I feel my smile is ruined and the sparkle in my eyes is gone - they look dead. I pray that this is temporary and will get back to normal quickly. After reading many of the posts I am hopeful it will but also scared being that some people are going on over a year with little improvement. I wish I had visited this site prior to considering dysport, I was totally fine with the botox and feel like an idiot for doing this. I pray for you all and do not wish this result on anyone. If anyone has a success story of their face healing and returning to normal, please send it my way, I could use the encouragement! XO

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He clearly does not know what he is doing.

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