Love my Mommy Makeover - Westport, CT

Was not happy with the way I looked and felt about...

Was not happy with the way I looked and felt about my body after 3 kids.

I have never had any type plastic surgery or botox or anything like that so I was very nervous about having these procedures being done and even canceled my first surgery a few days before it was scheduled. About three months later I realized this was something I really wanted and called to rescheduled. Dr. S and the office were so nice and totally understood and was very patient with me. I must of called with about a million and one questions.

He really knows what he's doing and delivered the exact results and size I expected. My breast lost a lot of volume so I wanted an implant. I wanted to be totally natural and proportionate for my height & weight, nothing fake looking! He listened to my needs and I went with what he suggested and now I am absolutely thrilled!!! No one (not even my family knows I had anything done) I had little to no pain or bruising and for my stomach it's now FLAT!! Three kids later I thought that was never going to happen.

The tummy tuck was a uncomfortable for a few weeks but OMG worth it.

Fairfield Plastic Surgeon

I had my mommy makeover (breast lift with implants augmentation and tummy tuck) with Dr. S and I am so happy. Dr. S is an AMAZING doctor. I'm so happy I chose him and had this procedure.

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