Mother of 2, finding her way back to her sexy body

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This will be phase 4 of my transformation. I...

This will be phase 4 of my transformation. I will be getting traditional liposuction of my back, lateral breast area, waistline and abdomen. My surgery is set for May 31, 2017 so far I'm extremely excited and can't wait to complete this phase of my transformation.

Please keep me in your prayers I will post all updates as they happen for about a year

So far I've had Lasix eye surgery, breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

Mother of 2, Finding Her Way Back to Sexy

Here's a few before pictures taken on May 27, 2017 prior to my procedure of the areas that are getting work done. The following areas are the most problematic areas for me even with diet and exercise. Currently I walk about five days a week, roughly 6 miles a day and consume about 1150 to 1300 cal a day.

May 30, 2017, the day BEFORE surgery

OMG, I am super excited! I can't wait for tomorrow, which is my surgery date (5/31/2017) with Dr. Robert Rothfield, at Weston surgical center. Super, super excited please wish me well and send positive thoughts my way. I've been wanting to this for the last 13 years. The time has come, below are pictures of markings of the areas that I will be getting liposuction.

Surgery day May 31, 2017

Today is my surgical date, I am so excited. Here's a picture of me all dress up in my granny mumu. I was advised to wear something that opens up in the front, that was easy to put back on my body, so I opted for a granny mumu. LOL, I look like my grandma.

Surgery update

I had my surgery this morning around 11:15 AM with Dr. Robert Rothfield. Below are somes pictures that I wanted to share with you guys. So far everything went well, I'm back at home with my beautiful husband who is going to be taking care of me.

Personally speaking liposuction is more painful than childbirth, a tummy tuck, a breast reduction and Lasix eye surgery. I usually have a high pain tolerance, however this time I wanted my drugs and yes these painkillers made a big difference. Sorry for any mistake on this post but I'm high on painkillers.

Liposuction Day Two

Today is two of my liposuction procedure done with Dr. Robert Rothfield. I'm hurting all over. I feel like I've was hit by a train. Anyways, I did my follow up today with Dr. Rothfield and he gave me the OK to take a shower and to start wearing my body shaper tomorrow. Here's a few pictures hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to comment and post questions

Day 3 Post-Liposuction

So far 3-day post-liposuction and here's what I'm working with. What you all think? Do see a difference?

Side by Side

Comparison pictures of before liposuction and 3-days after liposuction. What you guys think? Please share your thoughts.

5-Days Post-Liposuction

All is well, everyday is progress. I'm feeling a little better and able to do a little more. However, everything that I do seems to require a lot more energy. I get exhausted quickly and require a lot more sleep. So far after this procedure I no longer enjoy driving, cooking or showering. These activities leave me feeling extremely exhausting.

I saw Dr. Rothfield today for my second visit post-surgery. He removed my stitches and stated that I should begin massaging the treated areas to aid in the firmness and bumpiness of the skin. Dr. Rothfield advised me to stay clear of massage tables that are heated, wear my compression garment 24/7.

6-Days Post-Liposuction

Hello to all the beautiful people out there. This is day six of my surgery and I wanted to show you a picture of the compression garment that I am currently using.

I'm feeling much better, each day is an improvement. However, this compression garment has not give me much room to eat, drink, breath or walk. I guess this is the price you pay for beauty.

Day 7 & 8 Post-Liposuction

This journey has been quite interesting. On days 7 & 8 I was experiencing a lot of discomfort, such as back pain, tenderness , headaches , feeling lightheaded and night chills. I'm up between 2 & 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm extremely fatigued, everything requires a lot of energy. This is not for everyone.

10-Days Post-Liposuction

10-Days post-liposuction should be known as swollen day. Extremely swollen today, here's a few pics just to share my journey with you all.

14-Days Post-Liposuction

14-days post-liposuction and not really feeling like myself true self. The results are not there but I'm hopeful. Here's a few pictures to share my journey.

Soma System

I received the Soma deep tissue self-bodywork massage glove. Just want to share some pics. So far, so good ????

20-Days Post-Liposuction

It's been 20 days since I had liposuction. I'm still sore and still lacking energy. I am having to wear a girdle pretty much 24 hours, seven days a week. I even sleep in my girdle, the only time I take it off is when I am getting a massage or taking a shower.

I also saw my surgeon today and he seemed to be in a hurry. I have a few concerns which could have been answered with more details. I guess maybe on my next visit. ??

Dr. Rothfield display a very serious demeanor. He is professional, informative and realistic with patients expectation. In addition Dr. Rothfield puts patients safety first above all things. Dr. Rothfield performed my tummy tuck in 2012 and I am extremely happy with his work. As well as the outcome of my surgery.

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