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I've been overweight my entire life. My highest...

I've been overweight my entire life. My highest recorded weight being 249 but I'm sure I got above that. The end of 2012 I was able to drop 30 pounds by taking some weird Chinese pill that made me feel like a**; and another 40 by summer 2013 with an okay diet and a lot of exercise. That was the smallest I've been in my adult life. The attention freaked me out (weird but true) and I put most of the weight back on. Around July of 2016 I was 220 again and I decided I really didn't gaf what anyone thought; my sanity was at stake. Best advice I could give anyone in my situation is to get your mind right and then go for your dream body. The other way around, you'll end up lost in the sauce. I started taking Herbalife July 2016. Dropped 12 pounds. Ended up being allergic to an ingredient in one of the products. Put a few pounds back on. In September 2016, I started taking phentermine and I dropped another 25 by January 2017 for a new low of 193. This was my weight for my consultation on 4/3. I'm currently 189, 5'4, and my surgery is tomorrow (5/16). I do have loose skin on my arms from losing weight but I don't have lose skin anywhere else so that wasn't a huge concern for me. I'm having full back, full abdomen, and arm liposuction. This is my first cosmetic procedure. My waist remains somewhat the same. At my highest weight, my waist was about 36 inches. My smallest recorded waist measurement was 32 inches in January 2017. Right now my measurements are: small waist 33, lower waist 44, Hips 47.5, bust 37. I have a pear shape and natural hips. My body stores fat in my lower abdomen area, arms and thighs. I workout by walking about 3 to 5 miles 3 times a week. I stopped eating meat and dairy 8 days ago. I decided I would change my diet in advance because I don't want to put garbage back into my body post surgery (it's the easiest way to waste money). I cook everything I eat so I know exactly what is in it (I have a lot of food allergies). I will be meal prepping today. I would like a small waist but other than that, I have faith that my doctor will do his thing. He's super sweet, cool and caring and that was my major deciding factor in choosing a doctor. He meets all of my check list criteria: caring, good bedside manner, minimal scaring or scars placed strategically, knows that black skin heals differently, loves their job, sees potential in my body, easy going and caring staff, can hold a conversation, doesn't feel rushed, easy to contact, truthful, ability to create shape. Before I found Charles Messa (through a family friend) I found Dr Hasan about 2 years ago on realself. I love his bodies BUT his staff and the wait times at the facility were infuriating. Pre-op suggestions by my doctor were to start taking a multivitamin and vitamin C three weeks pre-op to make sure I remained healthy. I started bathing with Hibiclens soap Saturday (5/13) , started taking Bromelain and Arnica yesterday (Sunday 5/14) and my surgery is Tuesday 5/16. I do plan on having future cosmetic procedures such as a BBL and a BA (after children). I'm sure I'm missing something so feel free to inbox me!

Surgery Day!

Just a few pictures from this morning. 1 hour until. Very nervous!

Few hours post-op update


My waist above my belly button was 32.5 this morning. I was starving when I got to the facility. I hadn't eaten since 6pm yesterday. I did general anesthesia for my surgery. When I initially started coming off of the anesthesia I was in a sh*t ton of pain!!! I was not anticipating the amount of pain I was in because I felt like I had a pretty high pain threshold. I got home and immediately took my pain meds and knocked out in my moms room with a heater on my tummy. Honestly I suggest anyone getting lipo to get a heater. Just don't apply it direct to your skin. It's a life saver. I have the best mother ever. God bless her. The majority of my discomfort/pain is in my lower back and in my arms. I have no idea what I look like right now. My concern right now is just feeling better. I'm just so happy I could cry. I'm so damn happy I finally went through with this. I'm not a very "adventurous" person but this has been something I really REALLY wanted and I'm just so proud of myself for going through with this. I'm still in college and my online classes started this week. I'm going to take it easy today and tomorrow and I'll get into my course work on Thursday. I'm eating soup right now and ohhhh my it feels good lol. About his staff, honestly I'm speechless. They are the most genuinely caring and passionate poeple ever. They made me feel so comfortable and safe. Made me laugh all the way up until I went under. Overall, It was just such a pleasant experience. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow morning and my first post-op massage tomorrow afternoon. They massages weren't required by my surgeon but I felt like they would help me out a lot. I also want to try a few more lymphatic drainage techniques but I'll look into those next week. Feel free to inbox me!

1 day post op

Today I went to my surgeons office to change my bandages and then I went to get my first massage. I didn't have an appetite today but I ate oatmeal for breakfast and soup for lunch. The massage therapist says I'm really swollen and that there's not too much fluid inside of me. The only thing draining right now is my right arm. I'm back to taking my vitamins and my arnica and bromelain. I'm also taking a prescribed antibiotic and my pain meds. I was also prescribed something for nausea but I haven't needed it yet. I've been taking it easy and drinking a lot of fluids. Peeing like crazy. I'm anxious to start working out again. I don't like being home most of the day. I'll add pictures of myself once the swelling goes down some more. Right now these heating pad is my best friend.

Can't sleep so here are some pictures

I haven't been able to sleep more than two to three hours at a time. Everything is so swollen. Pain has gotten better though. I don't like the garment I'm currently in so I'm going to look for two tomorrow: one for everyday wear and one to workout in. I took my first shower today. I only used hibiclens soap. I felt so much better after. I didn't go crazy with buying supplies before hand because I always read that most people use less than 50% of the stuff they buy. I'm looking forward to my massage tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight.

New garment

I got a new garment. The one that was given to me after surgery was uncomfortable and a bit big.


Today I had my 4th massage

The most painful massage yet but I feel like I can move so much more now so the pain is worth it. I'm healing really well I just have to stay on top of these massages. I'm scared to end up with a seroma or anything in that nature. If you're in south Florida I suggest going to Medical Massage Professionals. Marian will work wonders and you'll feel like a brand new bet*h. My next massage is Monday morning. I think I'm going to end up getting 5 more massages just to help move things along. Other than that I'm up and out and about. I'm going to try do a little cardio today. Nothing crazy just a light walk by the beach.

To date he is the most friendly and caring doctor I've ever met. This is including primary care, specialist, and other surgeons. This was my major deciding factor in choosing Charles Messa as my surgeon. His staff is just as cool and friendly as he is.

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