40 Year Old with 18 Year Old Submuscular Implants (7/23/2014 Explant) Weston, FL

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Hello ladies, It has been a few months since I...

Hello ladies, It has been a few months since I found realself thru a search engine on breast implant removal. First I would like to thank all of you for sharing your experiences, you all have helped me soooo much. I am hoping by sharing my experience maybe I can help someone too . It was 1997 I was a 34A and, when I got my BA 34C "not sure off cc's sorry" with mentor smooth saline implants, submuscular, with areola incisions, by Dr.Peter Somers, MD. I was always very pleased even more so after having my first child. I never really experienced any serious problems ,occasionally I did experience soreness and hardening in both breasts, but honestly I thought it just had something to do with my hormones. I went into menopause extremely early so I am assuming this had alot to do with my issues. All in all seeing it has been almost 18 years I think I have been more than lucky! My search to explanting was due to a strange pain in my right breast over the last few months that has come and gone and not to mention its desire to move where-ever it wants as you will see in the frontal pic., which of course sent me online to see if there are any issues that may be arising.
I have been through 3 consultations and have chosen Dr. Rothfield in Weston Florida, he and his staff have been awesome and very accommodating and my surgery is set for 7/23. I have to thank and send a hug to " Ileana47 " I read and saw her results and made my last consultation with Dr.Rothfield and very glad I made that third consultation.
So glad I found Realself and all of you here.... such amazing strong women!!

I'm me again!

Well I'm me again, had the surgery at about 11:30, Dr.Rothfield was awesome and the Surgery Center was so professional and accommodating they let hubby sit with me till anesthesia kicked in, and when I woke hubby was walking in! It was awesome to have him there, I was pretty nervous but everything went very smoothly. I will post more pics, and give some more detail as to the procedure at the surgery center when I get back home tomorrow and yep I tried to peak :) alot of gauze and tape for now looks pretty flat on the top but very little pain and no pain meds needed as of yet. I am so freakin happy right now, I even had hubby take me straight to Flannigans for a huge chicken ceaser salad to celebrate. Thank you ladies for all of your support "huge hugs to all of you"

Very Happy!

Hi ladies, I'm 4 days post-op and very happy! I took a peek a boo photo to share. I have not experienced any pain really, just a little discomfort at night and honestly that's only because I hate sleeping on my back and I haven't taken any pain meds, I'm just stubborn like that. As you can see in the photo the right side is very sad, I had a feeling that would be the case considering where the implant ended up after 18 years before it was removed. We did leave the capsules in, and the stitches will be removed on the 2nd. Of August. Thank you ladies for all of your support and sharing your progress even after the removal it has helped me thru this so much, so I will continue to post as I heal. Ill be back at work tomorrow so we shall see how that goes :)
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