22 Years Old, No Kids, 275cc Silicone Moderate Profile. Westmount, QC

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Hey girls! I'm having my BA in 2 weeks and since...

Hey girls! I'm having my BA in 2 weeks and since this site was SO helpful, I decided to show my very own progress.
I'm going with 295cc moderate profile (3,9cm projection, 11.75 cm width), under the muscle.
I was thorn between 275cc and 295cc since I want a super natural look. I am really scared it would be too big, but I'm trusting my surgeon and the rice test on this one !

I am 56 kg, 5'5 ft.

Day of surgery

Hey girls,
Today was my surgery day. And i just came home. I went to the clinic at 12:30 and At 1:30 my surgery started. At first I had a lot of problem getting up and peeing, and felt like I was going to faint. But after 3 tries I was able to walk. Just got home and I'm on my bed with 7 pillows. Pain is 2/10, and tightness 3/10. This is my result so far, i went with 275 cc finally, moderate profile :)


These are some before pictures.

First Night

Hey girls, So tonight is my first night with my new boobies and till now I didnt felt the need to take my strong medication, So I'm staying on tylenol since there is no side effect. As soon as I will feel any deep pain or tightness, I'm taking my strong medic for sure !!!
There's only one thing bothering me right now and it is the fact that I cant stand up from bed on my own (need someone to push me from my back) and I was wondering girls who had already ther BA done, how many time did it take before you could do it on your own?
Also, i tried to go to the bathroom on my own but took too much energy so I was about to lose conscience. i came back to bed directly and my ears stop working so i was not hearing anything at all and started seeing blurry. My best friend put some water on my face and I was good after 1 min. Does it happen often? I dont wanna feel that again, its so bad :(
Despite everything, I'm so happy with what I have right now and the way I'm handling everything.

Good night zzz

Day after surgery

Hey girls, so today is my day after surgery. Last night wasn't confortable at all, sleeping in a "sitting" position killed my back. But other than that, didn't felt any major pain. I stayed in bed till 12:00 and then tried to stand up (with help of course), and it felt so heavy! walked a while at home and now I feel good :)
I'm taking it easy, I reallyyyy hope I'll be able to stand up on my own.
Other than that, I'm soooo happy with my new babies they are amazing????????????

Second night

Have anyone of you girls experienced fainting on days after surgery? I just kind of lose conscience for some seconds every night before sleep and my feet are cold, but it stays for seconds only. Dont know if its normal!!! Help?


Little update ! Just feeling like they are hugeeeee today


Good morning thereee :) I just woke up feeling so good today. The past days have been really hard in a psychological way. really, the medication fucked me up. So i'm glad to wake up today feeling kind of "normal" ! I didnt see my boobies yet since I'm still in bed, but will post a picture later. i can feel them less hard and less big than yesterday so I'm happy :D


Is it normal tho that my incisions are hurting me so bad ?

Projection day3

I really, really hope the projection wont stay that huge! I have a little frame ! Girls will they look smaller after since i am only at day3?


So today is my day4 post-op and this is where my boobies are at. Sorry for the bad quality i'm still in bed ! I still feel like theye are way too hard and way too big for my frame , i am having on and off thoughts about if this was a good idea. I know i have to be really patiente but i just wanna take my life in hands anymore and do the stuff i used to do easily... I feel like i have two big rocks on my chest i dont know what else to say i guess it's a bad day today :( ! I really really hope i will be able to go back to normal as soon as possible, and i really hope they will take place and wont stay that huge !

Night n5

Hello girls, so tonight is night n5 since my ba and here's some changes for today: i can finally get up from bed on my own (which is AMAZING). My friend helped me wash my hair so I feel clean. I stayed home, doing nothing it was a really relaxing day. So I've had a positive vibe day and even if my boobies look fakish/wider than what I hoped, I try to make myself remember that its only day5 and I have sooooo many changes to notice !
I noticed that when I am on my own, i have black thoughts, Depressing thoughts and I ask myself if I made the right decision.
so for the coming days I'll try to have someone around me all the time since it helps.
I am also having bipolar thoughts about my breast augmentation. i can love them for a minute, and then regret it the minute after. Never happened to me before -.- !
I cant wait till they drop and squish gotta be patient:)

I will keep posting everyday so you will all know my daily changes.
Good night Zzzz

Day n5

Hiding the side boob and its exactly the look i want! Will i lose som side boob with time since its only 5day post op :) ? About to shower for the first time yayy!
For the girls asking, I still think they are reallyyyyy huge for me but lets hope for the best, lets hope they will shrink????????


Going to sleep early today, so here's my night post of today. showering was EVERYTHING i needed. i feel like my muscles were releaved, i feel all clean and I feel myself again :D! In another note, i am LOVING my boobies shape, I still think they are big because i really wanted something really reallyy really conservative before my surgery. And i am only 54,3 kg so i wanted something cute not even sexy. I understand there's a lot of changing coming in the way. I hope i will lose some side boob thats all. But i am loving loving loving the shape

Day n6

Good morning ladies,
Just wok up and took a picture of my boobies. I think pictures dont give justice to reality. Here's things I am sure of today:
1. A lot of girls say that when they drop, boobs look bigger. So i dont think mine will look any smaller. I think the term "conservative" wasn't the same to me as to my surgeon. I am a really simple girl and when I wanted a surgery, I jsut wanted to fill my A cup with something. I wanted to end barely as a small C, now I think i look like a D or DD!
2. My boobies do have an amazing shape, my surgeon is amazing he really did a great job.
3. I feel like they are not mine. They are heavy on my chest. Its better from day to day, but still I cant wait till I dont feel them anymore.
To be honest, I was really excited before the surgery, but now that its all done, I wish I have waited. They do look nice, but they are not me ! And really, I am accepting this and I am giving it time, but if in 4 month they stay like this, I really am thinking about getting an explant.
Sizing was such a big deal to me! For now, I'll enjoy having big boobies :) but big boobies like that is not what I want for the rest of my life.
What do you think girls?

Night n7

My dates for the night???? today I ate a real meal for the first time in ages. Lost so many weight for the last couple of weeks, time to get some energy!! In another note, I noticed that its more when I wake up that I feel them big and heavy and hard as rock. Nights are better ! :)
Here's a picture for you guys, thank you SO much for the moral support. i love you all (L)

1 weeeek already!

Hello girls,
Today marks my one week post op. i am leaving you girls with a picture of my whole body. i think the lightning in my room makes them look smaller but they do look so good from the front, dont they? :) i still am having trouble with the projection tho(I still think its a little bit too much of what i wanted). I kind of get a heart attack each time i see how much of projection i have at it turns me off, so lets hope it wont stay this way. Also because i had trouble eating for the last week, my butt disapeared (haha) and the difference between butt projection and boobs projecting might be one of the reason why i find them too much! I will ask my mom or boyfriend to take a picture of my side so you guys will see.
Also, excuse my english mistakes. I live in an area in Canada where we speak french!
Little question: girl who already got their ba months ago, will I lose projection with time? My implants were 3,9 cm of projection and 11.5 cm large. So I guess a 3cm (or less) of projection would have been perfect for what I wanted.

Night n8

Projection picture. (Love love love my boobies shape, thank you Dr Lee for this amazing job)! But please projection, get smaller.

Morning boob?

I hear you girls talk about morning boobs. Is it because they feel heavier and harder in the morning? Cause thats what they feel right now!
First day going back to work, and my left one hurts a little too :(

Day n9

Hello ladies, its been 9 days since my ba (time flies so fast !). I took some pictures of my projection. I am seeing some small changes from day to day, they do feel less heavier on my chest and its an amazing feeling. i used to hold them with my hands all the time because i felt like they could fall at any time (haha) but now i am starting to get used to them.
I went shopping 2 days ago and realised that they look awseome in clothes! It kind of boosted my mood. I also went visiting a friend that had a ba last year with 400cc, and mine looked so small compared to hers that it also made me feel better with mine. I got so many compliments about how amazing they look too!
Still, I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and wish they were smaller, but its not making me depressed like it used to days ago.
I am also leaving a picture of what i wished my boobs sized turned like. You wil notice how conservatice they are. Is there any hope i get there someday?
Also, i am noticing they are taking a round shape!! lets hope they wont go there, cause my ultimate goal is to have natural-not-too-round-boobs

Night n10

Took some bikini pictures for the first time since my ba, and I really didnt like what I saw. First they still are too round and too hard, and comparing to the rest of my body and my butt, they felt huge.
I hate pictures because they seem smaller on there, I really have to find someone ready to take pictures of me all the time haha!
I really am confused but as I said before I will give them time and hopefully they will turn out like I want them to...

Wish boobs

Some pictures I had on my cellphone. These were my goals. I started with nothing (flat flat), and I only wanted to fill my bra. i would have beeen so happy with a big B, small C ! :(
Girls, do you think I should have gone with 200-245 cc for this ?
Is replacing the implant with a smaller one possible? Will it makes a difference?
As I said I am giving time for my boobies to take place, but I am also re considering doing them.
i also decided that a total explant is not an option, since I dont feel them heavy on my chest anymore they dont bother me. So now my goal is to get the size I wished for.

Almost 2 weeks.

Hey there. Tomorrow marks my 2 weeks PO and I had to make a post tonight before going to sleep since I don't think I'l' have time tmrw.
First thing, my life is slowly coming back to place. I started working again, go to my classes, do my things as usual. It feels good to be able to do all these things again without depending on anyone. But I have to say that I've been really tired lately and it's taking me so much more energy to do this than before. I have to remind myself that I had an operation only 2 weeks ago and to take it slowly.
Also, I stopped looking at my boobies. Like, really. I realised I was kind of obsessed the first days. i used to take pictures each 5 min and analyse them for hours in front of the mirror. This was unhealthy for me, so I am just trying to really give them time.
As for my boobs, I love them in clothes.
Naked, that's another story. But as I said, I am taking your advices seriously and I don't wanna depress for something that could get better in the future. So for now, I am enjoying life as much as possible, life don't stop at boobs.
I also am eating (a lot). I am gaining weight and I LOVE it.
I am ending this post thanking all of you, your support has been life-saving. I am the only one in my circle that had a BA, my friends don't really understand what I am going through, my mother hate the idea that I had the operation so she takes advantage of my weak days to tell me "I told you so". My boyfriend has been an angel, but he can't really relate. You guys were really my confidents, so thank you for the kind words.


Just some pictures to show you how pretty they are in clothes. (without a bra)

17 PO

Hello girls,
today is day 17 PO and I tried some bras at LaSenza (Couldn't wait), and 34C was perfect for me. I am so glad the D was big because I wouldn't be able to take it mentally haha! Of course, the bras were 0 padded, don't want them to look any bigger.
I also can't wait till I can go back to the gym. I am happy I took some weight, but now I can see a little belly starting to take place, and I really don't want my work of the last year to disappear.
Any suggestions of what kind of exercice I can do at this stage without hurting my breast?

Shower boobies

Right one got some dropping to do, but here they are at night #18 since BA. i love how they changed so much since week1. They are a looot softer.
In certain angles they look so round, specially when i lift my arms.
But I am so happy with the shape I have for almost 3 weeks.

Before and after

Just a little reminder to myself why I chose to do this on the first place. There's exactly 20 days between the 2 pictures.
You guys can see the weight I gained since my BA, and it's better this way.
And you guys can see why I was freaking out on the first weeks! Started from the bottom now we here :p

Boobies shape

Week 2 vs week 3 :)

Shiny breast

Girls who already got their ba. How many time will it takes before my breast won't be shiny anymore? it's the main reason why I don't really show them since it's obvious they are shinier than normal breast.
I was thinking about putting some mat foundation on my top breast when i wanna rock some sexier tops, what do you guys think?

Quick update: one month

Today marks my one month PO, it's amazing how time flies so fast. Many girls have been asking me questions so I thought I'd do a post to answer all of them.
First thing is I had the OK from my surgeon to go back to the gym at 3 weeks PO. He also told me I can start lifting again, sleep on my stomach, do anything I want. Lucky me, my recovery was faster than I planned and I'm going back to the gym tomrw :)!
I dont have morning boobs anymore, And most of the time I don't feel them. 2 days before I got my period, they were harder than the usual. But thats all.
They still are shiny, not like on the first weeks tho. I can see it fade away from day to day and I cant wait till Its totally gone (might take a few month).
Everything is back to normal, I don't feel tired at all, and my health is at its best :)!
I do some light massages everyday but nothing too much, my surgeon think I dont have to since they are already getting squishier on their own and the shape is ok... Speakig of the shape, I am in love with how they look!! They are perfectly positionned on my body, and honestly I am sure that in a few month nobody will be able to tell they aren't real. My left one still has some dropping to do, but nothing to worry about.
I also wanted to update you guys with my boobies size. So i was so freaking out on the first weeks because it was new to me and it's a hard adjustment to do. I started with nothing and that's what I was used to. Regardless, I still wish I went slightly smaller. The size don't bother me like it used to, when I dont have a bra on I am really happy with how I look in clothes. When I put a bra, it makes them look bigger (obviously). so i'm sticking to the nipples stick as much as I can! I discussed it with my surgeon, and lucky me I was blessed with an amazing one :) we agreed on giving them some time to settle more, and if in a few month I still am bothered by the size we will figure out a solution. And as for my scars, I massage them 2 times a day with Aveeno Baby cream. I dont really notice them and they dont bother me at all !
From time to time I can feel some pain on my left boob, but it goes away fastly.
I also wanted to add that my new hobby is bikini shopping, which I hated before !! Everything is fine, i still am learning to get used to them but I totally feel sexier than ever ! I will skip wearing bras under clothes for a while but thats it !

Weird muscle movement

I forgot to ask on my last post: have any one of you girls had this kind of weird movement of the breast muscle from time to time ? I could be doing any normal movement and something in my left breast kind of move weirdly. It doesnt hurt or anything, its just kind of really weird... I am not sure if its a vein, the muscle or the implant tho.

Softer and more natural

Hello there. I am 5 weeks PO in two days. My boobies are softer and more natural looking everyday.
I am loving them more and more as time passes. Do I wish I went smaller? Yes, a little bit smaller. Is it still bothering me? No. I feel sexier, which is not a bad thing after all. And my boyfriend is in love with them, ha! It's a love/hate relationship with the size, that I sometimes ask myself if I would really have been happier with a smaller size. Maybe i wouldnt, who knows. They are perfect like this and I am glad I have them. To be continued :) here's a bunch of pre-shower pictures !
Good night xx

Gym and training

Hey girlies. I am back to the gym and it feels so good to work out again. I used to wear a waist trainer while training i found it good to have a smaller waist (it worked for me in the past). But i dont know, i am scared now to wear it since the top of it touches my boobs and i dont want it to affect my results. I might be paranoing, but have any of you girls used a waist trainer?

The good and the bad

Hi ladies. I've had a really bad boobie day so I thought I could take the stress away here. In a good way, my boobies are dropping and getting squishier. well it's not like they feel like normal breast at touch, but at least they aren't as hard as the first weeks.
But I just can't take it off my mind, how not confortable I am with the size. I wish I could go back in time to my old boobs, not because i loved them (there was nothing to even love) but because at least back then I had the opportunity to make a change about my size choice.
I am going to the gym tho, working on my booty so the difference of proportion wont be that obvious.
Maybe all i wanted was more fullness but not that much of fullness, almost 3 cups more. I couldnt feel an A, now i am a C, and a D at Vs.
Its funny because I really put so much energy to focus on the good sides, but there will always be bad days.
I find them sometimes heavy looking on my chest for what i was seeking. But what is scaring me the most, is the idea that I will never be satisfied. What if I change the sIze? Will I really be happy with them, with their look on my body ?
Will they ever feel like real breast and part of me, or will I have to deal with that feeling of two implants under my skin forever ?
The good part is, I am not depressed by it and its not like i always think about it. But i do have these 5 seconds of "wtf its too much" while wearing my bra in the morning. I hope this feeling will go away soon ! I've had so much positive days lately and I was giving them all the time, I dont want bad days to overcome.

Dr Chen Lee.

Hi my lovelies,
there is something I need to write because I noticed I get more and more questions from girls from Montreal. Beside my obsession with my breast size (which is a personal struggle because I got the exact size I had with the sizers and the rice test), I wanted to make a special post about my surgeon, Dr Chen Lee.
First, if there's any any girl thinking about going under the knife for a BA around Montreal's area, I don't think you'll find any surgeon better than him. I had appointments with the best surgeons in the area because I was really picky about my surgeon's choice and I wanted to chose the very best. And Dr Lee was a win-win choice compared to all of them. Let me tell you why...
Let's start with the consultations. I had my first consultation back in february 2015. He answered all my questions, explained me the whole procedure, show me pictures. He actually gave me the good side and the bad side of every choice I could make, and I felt like I was secure about my choices because he wasn't trying to fool me or get me into doing this. He actually said that I don't really need a surgery and that I was still young. I ended up scheduling for my surgery 9 month later, so a few weeks before we met again, and we tried more sizes and he explained the procedure again. He really want us to be aware of everything, which is a good thing.
Then I had my breast augmentation. If you read my review, you'll notice that I never took strong medication while healing. My only struggle was fainting and thats because I was stressed. But the surgery itself got me no health complication. He has magic hands, I am so lucky I had such a smooth recovery I was able to get out of bed 2 days later, and go shopping with my boyfriend 5 days later.
And the scars, well the scar are almost not there. I can barely notice them.They are red a little bit, but compared to so many girls 6 weeks PO, I feel like I was blessed. And it's all because of him.
Also, as all of you noticed, I am an always-stressed-over-anything kind of person (I am working on that hah!), but Dr Lee gave me his phone number so I could call him any time after surgery. And I ended up texting him each time I had a question (like 2-3 times a day for the first week PO), and he answered every single question. We spent a lot of times on the phone, and this, my friends, is everything a patient needs. I didn't have to call his secretary, he was personally there for me and it made the whole experience SO much easier.
As for my breast, all of you can see how amazingly shape they are. And as for the size, he said he will help me achieve the result I want if I still am not happy with it in a few month. How comforting is that? So many surgeons take it personally when you tell them you are not okay with the size. But he didn't.
So to my Montreal's girlies, if you are looking for a surgeon, Dr Lee should be a choice ton consider ;)

2 month and a half

Hello my lovelies. I know its been a while, I've been having a lot going on in my life lately and I almost didn't noticed how fast time was passing. I am having my 2 month and a half appointment with my Dr in a week which I am really excited about because I have a lot to talk about with him. First, my boobs are great. I am leaving you a couple of photos I just took before showering ( which is the only time I really take time to look at them). I was at first so obsessed that I'd go to each bathroom possible to look at my boobies: restaurant, while shopping, work, school. But it really goes away with time. They do look really good. Actually I've noticed lately that I have A LOT of bottom fullness and my nipples are higher than before. And its something I wanna take a look at with my Dr because I kinda hope my nipples wont get any higher. With that said I have nothing to say other than my surgeon did some amazing job, they are way closer than before, I dont have any gap, they are beautiful. Also, they got so much squishier, I know its only 2 month and they will get softer and softer but its nice to play with them and actually be able to move them haha ! They feel way better than I'd ever thaught fake boobs would feel !
In a side note, we had a talk last night my boyfriend and I about my surgery, and he said that he love love love the result. Well, I wont hide that I am more confident in bed than before so out private life is a little bit more exciting hah! A couple of days ago my left incision started hurting me, but nothing big. i haven't got my sensation back on the bottom of my left breast, and it kinda hurt when I move it sometime. Its really just on the left side, its like the implant hurt my muscle when I start moving it? Its something I wanna see with Dr lee, i dont think its something to big and it hurts a little for a couple of second, but I just wanna make sure everything is okay out there.

Other than that, With almost 3 month PO coming ln it way, I know that I made a mistake with the size I chose. And its something I look forward to tell my surgeon so we can start chosing the next size I will have. They look SO good and when I have a bra on I feel so sexy. But the second I wear a cotton top or anything tight I feel like they are a little bit big. So nothing changed since my last update.
Of course, I dont think they are huge But the worst thing you can have is a pair of breast sticking out more than your ass.
I dont know if I am ready to pay money again and go through another surgery for now, but its something I wanna plan for the end of the year. (My boyfriend will kill me he's so in love with them and I havent tell him about me probably goinf under the knife again in a couple of month. i do plan on keeping them during summer tho. But I do feel like a D cup is not what I am seeking for my 20´s! )
I keep going through a lot of updates around here and I am glad to see the different amazing results. I dont regret going through this at all, I feel the whole thing made me appreciate myself even more. And whatever the decision I will take about my breast size, I know I love what I have right now and i am pretty sure Dr Lee will give me amazing results again ;)

3 weeks Vs 10 weeks

So i went to see my surgeon and he sent me photos of my breast that he took. I never realized how higher my nipples are now till I compared. The implant is really getting low! My doctor said im not bottoming out. Is there anything I can do to stop the implant on going any lower ?
Ps: i miss my tan.
At this point there's nothing I can do about everything since I have no money to pay for any extra surgery. I discussed size implant with him and I'm probably (if it happens) downsize to 205 cc low profile.
Do you guys think a smaller implant has less chsnce of getting lower .. ?
What do you guys think??

5 month in 5 days

I'll write a detailed update in a few hours, but here's my boobies almost 5 month PO.

Quick update

Hello there, so I'm passing by to make a quick update about everything so far. A little reminder: I had 275 cc, selicone implants natrelle round smooth. My surgeon was Dr Lee (Montreal, Quebec).
As I am reading my old posts, I can totally say that I was overeacting a little bit at first. Of corse its NOT an easy surgery. Its difficult to adjust, and its even harder when you're taking all the medication. So here's a resumé of whats up so far:
1.First thing first, sleeping on my stomach isnt pleasant anymore. I am trying some new positions but I can totally feel a lot of pressure on my breast and it's not confortable at all. I used to be a stomach sleeper, but now i'm better on the side. You gotta adjust.
2. My scars are AMAZINGLY ( I dont even know if this word exists) healing. Of course I go tan from time to time and I gotta hide them so thats why there's like a whiter patch of skin at this area of my body. No its not double bubble for the girls asking.
3. The size: okay so thats a touchy one. I know I was hating the size. But now I have another concern. All the fullness of my breast is now on the bottom. So the boobs look smaller, but I have a lot of bottom fullness. This is due to my implants dropping too much. So my nipples got higher (As you can see in my last post). Its not as bad as some cases i've seen and its not bottoming out. But the implants did drop too much. So yes it seems like its smaller because there's not that much of top fullness but when I'm naked I can see how much my nipples are high. + I wear some bras sometimes and my nipples are just about to pop up. They dont, but its limit limit.
4. Since I had nothing to begin with my implants dont feel like jelly natural. But they dont feel like rock. I'd say I'm in the middle.
5.okay so how cool is it to have boobs and rock some crop tops. My boyfriend was going crazy he didn't want me to buy it (the one in the picture i added). But I did hehe.
6.extra surgery? i dont know yet. Of course the fact that I would like to adjust my implants placement is in my mind, but I'd like to save some extra money to pay for new implants (205-220 cc). Like a couple month ago I havent decided yet and I'm still thinking about it.
7. When I had my surgery I was 52-54 kg. I used to train, a lot. Now I wont say its because of the surgery, but I needed some time to recover and then I was busy with work and school. So I had no time to go to the gym. And Now i am trying to get back my fit body ! Summer's almost here !
8. My right breast hurt me when I move it. (Is it normal?) the left one is totally fine. But each time i move the right one, it hurts.
I can't think of anything else right now, but I'll update some topless pictures this week so you guys will have a better idea of the results so far. Dont hesitate to ask anything, and good luck to the girls going through the surgery soon xx

Some nudes

Where I am today, at 5 month and 2 weeks

8 month, 2 weeks

Got burned by the sun, but hey its summer ! My nipples arent moving anymore, yes they are kind of really up placed, but i can still hide them when i wear a bra.

Almost one year

it's been almost one year since my surgery.
Current mood: no regrets. If you're thinking about doing it, just go for it girls. There's nothing like rocking a good old bikini in summer and feeling sexy as hell.
Bad side: just like i said in my last post, sleeping on my stomach is awkward. Nothing new.

As you can notice in my pictures, my nipples didn't move since last time. I am not bottoming out, but they still are very high and strangely placed. That's because my implants dropped too much.
But, since they dropped that much, they look way more natural and smaller than before.
I am taking an appointment with my surgeon soon for my one year check up. I'll let you all know whats new.
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Going with Dr. Lee was the best choice I've ever made. Girls from Quebec, you will NOT regret going with him. He really care about our health before anything else, he actually gave me his number so I could call him no matter what happens after surgery. I'm so excited to see the results, but Dr Lee made an amazing job.

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