Review of Maui Whitening Teeth Whitening. Much Needed After Braces!

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I just finished wearing FastBraces for six months....

I just finished wearing FastBraces for six months. Pre-existing stains coupled with the challenges of cleaning teeth under braces left me with need for whitening. I'm hoping to achieve a dazzlingly white smile. As long as they don't turn out so white that they look like fake! I'm going to Maui Whitening...

Teeth tanning salon ?

The staff at Maui Whitening in Westfield, NJ is great! They were friendly, helpful, and informative.
The setup reminded me of a tanning salon for teeth. Each client is guided into an area separated from other sections by dividers. It is a self application process, but the staff assisted me in wiping down my teeth, applying vitamin e to protect my gums, and applying the whitening gel. Then I put on red sunglasses to protect my eyes from the uv light. Next, the light was pointed at my teeth and the whitening began. I think the process lightened my teeth, but not as severely as expected. Will add a final post with my results.
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