Chronicles of a Former Fat Kid - Westchester, NY

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1 week post op and I'm feeling pretty good....

1 week post op and I'm feeling pretty good. Bruising is starting to subside but as far as results...I don't see much. I'm only 1 week in and still pretty pants don't button and this garment sucks ...I pretty much have to get butt naked just to take piss!

Here's a bit of my backstory...

I was a fat kid growing up and lost over 60 pounds around age 15. I had a growth spurt around the same time and shot up about 5 inches so it looked like I had lost even more weight. My waist size went from 42 inches to 32 inches in the matter of 10 months. It was amazing, I felt amazing, my confidence grew but if I'm being honest, I never lost my spare tire. Taking off my shirt in public or even looking at myself naked was never an easy thing for me. Regardless of light, moderate or intense exercise, strict diet, weight loss/ made absolutely no difference. My lowest weight was 138 and I'm 5"7...did I still have back fat and look like I was wearing a pool float around my waste...yup. At 138 a swimmie maybe, but I digress. Today I'm at a healthy 155, still 5"7 (although who wouldn't wanna be taller "sigh") I work out regularly and eat decently healthy but enjoy myself when I want to...nonetheless, my spare tire is still here. (Damn you old friend!) Finally after years of going back and forth and doing research, I decided to go with smartlipo. I had it done on my upper/lower abs, back and flanks. I'm not sure of the exact amount of fat that was taken but I will find out at my next post up and will update in my next review. Again, at this point I'm only 1 week post op (6 days to be exact) How I look right now is a little discouraging but I'm trying to stay positive. How I feel though, is a big improvement. I'm hoping to see some results and hopefully share pictures on here (if I'm not too bashful) as for the rest of my journey...stay tuned : )
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