Tattoo Removal Journey - Westbury, NY

I got a big black cross tattooed on my right...

I got a big black cross tattooed on my right forearm when I was 18. I decided to have it removed when I was 22 since I finally had the money to afford the removal (sort of). I've been going to a laser technician, not a doctor, for the treatments. She estimated 10-12 for complete removal. Well, I've already had 8, so I'm gonna go with 12 at LEAST. I'm pretty much convinced I will need more than 12. It's definitely fading but I really thought the results would be quicker. I'm gonna hang in there, and hope that the treatments I need for complete removal don't reach 20? The pain is bearable, it's really not terrible. For me, the healing process is easy. I only got blisters once, those were kind of gross, but still not too bad. The worst part is keeping it wrapped up after treatment. Gets super itchy! If your thinking about it, I say go for it. But it is a slow and costly process. I really hope I'll end up getting the results I was looking for.

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