Had my 1st Treatment Done Yesterday - Westbury, NY

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I had my first treatment t done yesterday out of 3...

I had my first treatment t done yesterday out of 3...it was not painful at all some spots were sensative than others but with a cold nummin spray it was ok.... my doc told me in advance all of the things that may happen...bruising swelling tenderness etc i did feel the swelliness and tenderness right away but didn't get the bruising until today. One of my thights are really bruised up...so as advices by my doc I am taking Artica homopathic meds for bruising....aking any pills like Advil, motrin Tylenol within 24h are not reccomended it may react with the midicine... I can't tell I see any results yet since its only been a day and I'm all bruised up but I know I would need to do all my 3aessions to see some results, plus no medicine will ever help u as much if you don't help yourself... I excersise min 3days a week try to eat healthy and now trying to stay away from sugar per doctors advice... Hope it works and I'll just continue masO treatment once or twice a year to keep the cellulite away

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