liposonix is incredibly painful even after two weeks! i am 55 year old female with daughters and grandaughters - West Texas, TX

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I had Liposonix April 11. They only Hydrocodone...

I had Liposonix April 11. They only Hydrocodone to give me but before hand I had told them I was allergic to hydrocodone. So they didn't offer me pain killers! I had taken a Tramadol before I got there and after the first pass I got up off the table and I took another Tramadol! It was the most painful experience I have ever had. You really have to have very strong pain pills to get through this Liposonix! The doctor was suppose to do the Liposonix but she was gone when I got there so they had a trained assistant do it. I should have walked but I had already paid half of the money before hand! And they would have kept my money. Well I got through the 25 passes 3 times each! It is exactly 2 weeks today that I had it done and I have been in severe pain ever since. I went through the brusing phase and they quickly disappeared! My complaint is these electric sharp pains in the area that are so intense they make me cry! Hurts very badly. That doctor had said it was easy and mild procedure! That is so wrong!! It is painful painful painful!! I woke up last night with electricity pain and it made me sick and I went and soaked in the bathtub!! OMG Still having major pain and still super painful to touch anything against my abdomen area! And I found out that I think they charged me double price! Wow highly upset and in severe pain!!
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