Upper Blepharoplasty - West Sussex, GB - Eyelids Uneven (From Lashline to Crease)

I had an Upper Blepharoplasty last year carried...

I had an Upper Blepharoplasty last year carried out in West Sussex and now a year on and my eyelids are still uneven. The left eyelid is smaller than the right. The right eyelid still feels very tight and also the outer corner of my right eye. The surgeon also made two incisions on my right eye but when I asked him what the reason was for this he declined to answer and asked can you see both scars and asked me to remove my eye makeup? My Plastic Surgeon was not prepared to attempt further surgery and stated that they were uneven before surgery. I told him I disagreed and insisted from lash to lid they were both even. I thought Botox may help but he was not prepared to try to see if this would help. I am unable to wear eye shadow as this makes the difference much more obvious. I wish I had never had this procedure.

I would be most grateful if anyone could give me advice as to their opinion on revision surgery. I think perhaps too much skin was removed from the right eye. I wondered if it would be possible to remove further skin from the left eye to make them both even. Also, could further surgery cause scar tissue damage?
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