23 Year Old Plagued with Acne for Years - West Palm Beach, FL

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Hello. Im 23 years old, african american with acne...

Hello. Im 23 years old, african american with acne since I was 12 years old. Very oily skin especially in the T-zone area. Im not sure what the clinical name for my acne is but I suffer from small flesh colored bumps. They never come to a head at all and every single one leaves a scar. So I can have 20 small flesh colored bumps on my forehead and they will stay for 2-3 weeks then go away and leave a scar. It doesnt matter whether i pick at them or not. So my face is constantly full of small dark brown scars. So my very first time using retin A was when I was about 17. My doctor in New York prescribed me Tazorac. It worked beautifully and my face was so clear. 95% of the bumps went away and much of my scarring healed. But i only had one tube and I had to move to Florida .So when I ran out the acne came back. I came to florida and was prescribed tretinoin again and used it but my doctor got switched so that ran out too. So recently in May my face was completely freaking out. It was extremely greasy, so full of bumps, scars, clogged pores it was just a mess. I got a dermatologist and she put my on Tretinoin 0.05%. That decreased my acne by 80% but I wasnt satisfied. So I went back and she put me on 0.1%. Thats when I started to see a difference. From its original state in May my acne is about 90% better. I use it every night after washing my face with Dove sensitive skin bar soap. Ive tried cetaphil but my face is simply too oily for that stuff. I was breaking out in white heads because my pores were clogged with dirt and oil because Cetaphil didnt cleanse well enough. In the morning ive recently added a Lactic acid toner and Vitamin C serum and my face is getting even better. Im still oily though but hopeful with continued use that will subside.
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