425 HP Silicone :-) 1 Week Post Op

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Hello ladies! Let me start off by giving some...

Hello ladies! Let me start off by giving some stats about myself. I am 24 years old, 5'5, 115 pounds and am currently a 32A. I've been wanting larger ta-ta's since they have failed to make an appearance yet and I'm pretty certain that they won't show up if they haven't yet! :-p I have been to a few consultations over the past few years but only recently have I been fortunate enough to make the leap and schedule my BA. I would like to be more proportionate to the rest of my body, I've got a cute little bubble butt that just doesn't match my itty bitties! I have gotten tons of support and advice from friends and coworkers who have all had BA's. I was referred to Dr Mark Pinsky and booked an appointment with him the next month. First, I spoke with Ana my patient coordinator and she explained to me the types of implants, incision placement and so forth. Dr Pinsky offers a 3-D imaging to better show results of surgery on my own body! Needless to say I was so excited I couldn't contain myself! Both Dr Pinsky and Ana were so friendly, professional and I could tell they take very much pride in their work. It took me about a week to decide that I wanted to book my surgery. I am scheduled for January 9th of 2014, which f feels like forever in reality only three months! Which of course will fly by around the holidays!

Like many of my fellow booby challenged friends these days, I wear the "add 2 cups" bra almost every day. In high school I actually used to wear two bras at the same time!! I would love to look the way I do wearing that bra but with none at all! I do love my itty bitties they are perky, nice shape and pretty symmetrical. But I do wish they would be bigger. I want to feel like a woman not a girl. And I feel like it will help me grow into the strong confident independent woman I know I will be.

That's about all for now ladies, I will post pictures of my 3-D images along with some of my goal pictures.

Surrounded by confusing boobies!!!! Help!

Since I have told my coworkers and friends about my upcoming BA they have all decided to give me their opinions. While I love the care and concern, they all contradict each other!! I would attatch pictures to show you all but I wouldn't use their pictures without their approval. For instance, friend #1 has 325 cc saline and her boobs look ENORMOUS!! She is a size DD. Friend #2 has 400 cc saline and look smaller than the first!!! But still huge!!!! And I wanted 425 cc now I am scared that they will be too big. Friend #3 has 475 cc and is barely a D cup.

Now taking into consideration all of their heights, profiles, over/under and everything I am just so at my wits end trying to figure this all out! I just don't understand how theycan all look so different especially since they all had barely any breast tissue to start with. Either there is something more to the story, my friends are misinformed, or there is some magic boob fairy floating around blessing the lucky ones!!

I will see my PS next week to try and narrow down size and answer some of my questions! For now I am gong to try not to listen to my girlfriends and read more reviews on here since you ladies all know what you are talking about!

Happy Hump Day!!

Rice Sizer Play Time!

How can I already suffer from booby greed when I don't even have mine yet? Haha I sent to target today and bought some pantyhose and rice so I could try on some sizes. I wad leaning towards 425 cc so I filled up my little baggies and tried on a couple of different sports bras that I already owned. Funny enough I bought a medium bra at target and it was tighter than my XS ones I have at home!

I wore them around for about an hour just to get the feel of them, but I ended up just squishing the around so much because they were so oddly shaped! I turned the side with the knot in the pantyhose so it was facing forward so I would have pretend nipples haha!

I will throw them in again once my boyfriend gets home to get his opinion :-) I can already tell I am going to want more cc, but I do want to stay natural and proportionate. If they come out looking the way they do iny 3-D pictures I will be a very happy girl :-)

Have a happy sunday ladies, it's almost football time! Go Pats!!

Rice Sizer Photos

Rice Sizer Photos

Apparently my photos are too large I had to size them smaller so they will load! All are with 425cc rice sizer, approximately 1.75 cups of rice.

Healthy Changes and Boob Anxiety

I QUIT SMOKING! GO ME!!!!!!!!! Woohoo so excited to share that with you all! I wanted to be completely smoke free for two months before surgery and I'm doing awesome so far! I was going to start working out as well, but I figure I'm going to have to take a break for surgery anyway so I will just wait until after when I am cleared for it :-) Not that I need to work out I am very slender but if I'm going to debut my new boobies this summer I want a rockin bod to go with it!! I also have cut out all processed/high sodium food out of my diet. I have always eaten healthy but I want to be in the best form for my BA. There just so happens to be a fresh market right around the corner that I didn't know about! Hello fruits and veggies!!

On another note, in contrast to all of the positive changes I've made, my body just does not want to cooperate with me. I have been breaking out on my face terribly! And with my job, appearance is everything!! It might be caused by stress which if that's the case isn't good because it is making me stress more about my face!

Boobie nightmares. Not fun. The past five nights I have had to take something to go to sleep. And when I finally do the nightmares come. Some of them are actually pretty funny. I had turtles glued to my chest in oneof them haha. But then there were ones too realistic and I wake up in tears rushing to the bathroom to look in the mirror and make sure it was just a dream.

The funny thing is, I am not worried or stressed or scared. I wish it was just PMS but I know its not. I actually have so many things going great for me right now. Work is getting busier, I'm going to Las Vegas and Rhode Island, I've got a boyfriend who loves me.. I don't know where these sleepless nights are coming from!! Tell me this is just a pre boob phase and it will be over soon. I am such a happy positive person and I hate being grumpy in the mornings from not sleeping! Lol so knows maybe it was just the full moon messing with my head.

If you suffered your way through reading my pity party rant, you are an angel and thank you for your support! Much love to all my boobie friends!!! :-):-)

Pre-Op Appt Done!

Had a visit with my PS last week! It went a little different than what I expected but i am excited and confident regardless! He took my measurements and looked at my goal photos and then we discussed cc's. He said that because my skin and breast tissue are so tight he might have a hard time fitting the 425, and I may also run the risk of stretchmarks which I want to avoid at all cost! I was a little disappointed but then I thought about it and 50 cc's account to a few spoonfuls and I trust my PS and his judgement. So we decided that he would try to fit the 425 and proceed with 375 if not. Which I am completely ecstatic with anything is better than what I have now!

When I got home I realized that we never talked about the profile implant that I was going to receive which I thought wasa little odd. So I emailed my coordinator about it and she responded right away that I was going to get high profile. I was scared that they would look too fake and round so I asked my PS to call and discuss my options. He made me aware that because my breast width and rib cage are too narrow he literally cannot fit a different profile implant on my chest while still attaining the look that I want. I feel much more comfortable now and now am excited for the "fake" look and upper pole fullness!

On a completely different note, I made it through the holidays without blurting my secret to any of my family! I have decided to not tell anyone until after my surgery, I have enough anxiety and stress I do not want to worry about my family's opinions.

Three more days! Having trouble sleeping, do any of you ladies have recommendations on that? I know there is a long list of medication to avoid but I have no clue what most of them are. I plan on emailing the PS office tomorrow to ask since they are not open today. Once I get to sleep I stay asleep but for about a few hours I lay there wide awake thinking about boobs! Boobs are consuming every waking second of my life!

Going to go take some "before" pics for comparison after thursday!

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day ladies :-)

Before Photos

My ittie bitties :-) I have to say I will miss them

Before Photos


I am mildly freaking out. I have cramps, pms and all of the other glorious lady problems but no period yet. My boyfriend and I have sex, not exactly safe sex but pretty cautious. I scheduled the surgery on the 9th so that I would be done with my period in time for surgery but I think I have stressed myself out to a point where my body is mad at me. My period has always been irregular especially in times of stress so I'm not too worried about being pregnant I'm worried about taking care of myself aftersurgery. My boyfriend is the one taking care of me and while we are extremely comfortable with each other I am not about to ask him to change my lady dressings for me!!!

Any tips from ladies who have had their period during/after surgery? Is it going to be that much more painful?

I am probably just adding more stress on now, I have a wee little anxiety problem lol


I made it!!

Well so far recovery has been a breeze! I've never taken any kind of pain pills before so I was pretty high and out of it all day yesterday. My boyfriend said that I kept talking to my boobs lol

Got to the hospital at 9 in the morning, the nurses where so nice. The thing I was scared most of was the IV in my hand, I have never had one before! And hell did it hurt! I had heated blankets, socks, gown I was so toasty warm the whole time. I didn't get nervous until after my boyfriend left and they took me to the pre-op room where I met the anesthesiologist. And she fixed that rightaway. She asked me what my favorite alcohol was I said red wine and then boom I was drunk! The only thing I remember is being wheeled into the OR and I was out.

When I first woke up I was in pain but they gave me something right away. The nurse asked me how I was feeling and all I could think of was how hungry I was! I said I wanted a burger from five guys haha. I was in recovery for about an hour then my boyfriend brought me home.

I've stayed on top of my meds throughout the night. Nothing really hurts I just feel sore mostly on the incisions. Only one brief moment of nausea when I stood up too quick but other than that I've been great!

I go to my post-op appt at 1030 to take dressings off and see my new girls! Cant wait! Will post some photos later!

Feeling Great

Didn't feel much like updating or taking pictures yesterday, was so tired all day! I haven't been in much pain, just sore on the incisions. I'm still very swollen, especially on my sides under my arms. I've been able to take showers, feed myself, do my hair and makeup, and pretty much everything I need to. I started taking stool softeners yesterday am and smooth move tea at night. It hit me all this morning and I spent most of the morning in the loo but I am glad that is over and done with!

I am trying not to over exert myself doing too much even though I feel like I can, I know I am not supposed to. I get dizzy if I'm moving around too much andI get tired very quickly. I have never slept this much in my life! It is very nice being able to relax and not worry about anything :-)

Still icing 20 minutes on and 40 off when I remember and am not sleeping. I don't need it for pain I just want the swelling to go down so I can see what the girls really look like!

I love them so much already! It just hit me today that I finally have boobies and now I can't stop looking and touching them lol every time I go to the bathroom I take my bra off and ogle them for a good five minutes haha

Getting picked up in a few to go for a ride around town with the top down to get out for a bit :-)

Have a wonderful day ladies!

3 Days Post Op Photos

Not much to update today!

Stopped taking pain pills, switched to just tylenol. Was a little bit sore this morning but it went away once I was up and moving around :-)

My left boob gurgles when I move my arm sometimes. I've been trying to sit up straight as the weight from the implants makes me slouch. I have always had very good posture so this is something I must work on!

Other than that I am doing just fine, my back hurts a bit but I think that's just because I never sit and lay around this much.

Will post some more pictures tomorrow maybe :-) if they look any different from yesterday haha

Couldn't Resist

Had to try on an old bikini top :-) it still fits but looks a thousand times better! Yayy! Let's hope it still fits once the girls drop :-)

Yay for ta-ta's!

A little more definition in shape today, still have some swelling in between my breasts. They seem to settle down and relax when I shower, but a few minutes after I get out and dry off they creep back up again. Stubborn boobies!

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not super woman and to stop picking up things and reaching too far! Even though it doesn't hurt I know I am still healing and have to take it easy. I feel like a t-rex my arms can't reach too far for anything :-P

Bought a bunch of new books on my e-reader so I'm going to get to relaxing! :-) :-) :-)


My nipples feel like they are on fire! So extremely sensitive! I have been putting lubriderm shea/cocoa butter on my boobs to help relieve the tightness and hopefully help my skin to stretch and the implants to settle. I didn't really notice my nipples hurting until my boyfriend started touching them last night. TMI but it led to some hanky panky, he loves my new tatas, and nothing hurt or pulled at all so I wasn't worried about it. But afterwards my nipples were just so sore! I took a shower and put more lotion on them but they still felt shredded! I didn't want to put my recovery bra back on but unfortunately I have no choice :-(

Are there any magical cures that you ladies know of?
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