Perfect Pout! My Lip Augmentation by Dr Eric Joseph - West Orange, NJ

I am three days after my second lip augmentation...

I am three days after my second lip augmentation procedure by dr Joseph and I couldn't be happier with my results! In the past I had used temporary fillers and I would suggest that others proceed with caution when using those products. Previous Juvederm and restylane use caused me tiny red spots on my lips that I believe may be broken blood vessels caused by the injection technique. These spots remained long after the fillers wore off (and in my case they always wore off way before the 6 month mark). However i did love the look of my lips being more plump so I decided to have the permanent lip augmentation with Silikon-1000 injections. Dr joseph also performed my rhinoplasty so I know that he is an extremely talented surgeon with an excellent aesthetic sense and if anyone is going to give me permanent injections I would only trust him. I had my first treatment with silikon-1000 in October. This lead to a very natural looking plumping my of lips which smoothed out the lines I had. You can see the lines in my lips on the first photo on top... this was before any silikon treatments. My top lip was also pretty thin. The second photo is after my first silicone treatment. You can see how much smoother my lips are and putting lipstick on smooth lips looks so much better! I took the last photo today. This is after my second lip treatment. You can see my lips are noticeably larger and my upper lip isn't thin anymore! I also really love how my cupids bow looks more pronounced in the last pic. My lips are really soft and I haven't experienced any complications. Today I went to sephora to pick up new lipsticks for the new lips and I felt so glamorous trying all the different colors on. :) I also feel great knowing that my these are my lips now and I don't have to keep going back every few months to be reinjected. My whole experience has been extremely positive and I would highly recommend the silikon lip injections over any temporary filler. Dr Joseph has perfected his technique and he is a very kind and down to earth person. He will make sure you still look like yourself just with a little boost :)

1 year later

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update to my review as it has been a year since my procedure. My lips still look beautiful and feel very soft. I am thrilled with my results! As Ive said before I've done the temporary fillers but it's so wonderful to have a permanent filler now that doesn't need to be touched up every few months. I can't say enough good things about Dr Joseph :) fantastic experience.

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I really cant say enough good things about Dr Joseph. I spent 3 years looking at reviews and q&a's here on Realself before I ever went in for a consultation with him and he exceeded my expectations. He is the best at what he does. He knows how to make you look better without losing your uniqueness and he makes you feel comfortable in the process. The procedures I've had done by him have helped to boost my self esteem tremendously. Dr Joseph really is as friendly and kindhearted as so many others have said in their reviews. He is a truly outstandingly good and special doctor. May God bless you Dr J.

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