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I am 21 years old, 5ft and 110lbs. I wear a 32D...

I am 21 years old, 5ft and 110lbs. I wear a 32D size bra and my breasts have been bothering me since my early teens. I wanted to get a breast reduction since I was 13 but of course had to wait until I had enough money saved up. I have been wearing expensive bra minimizers for years now and I am so excited about just being able to wear normal bras. My breasts have sagged because I had lost weight but unfortunately did not change in size. I have been so insecure about this for so long. I hope my story will help inspire someone else in a similar position. No one should have to go through this.

My scheduled surgery is this Monday the 12/16.
I am a bit anxious but I will post more and update you guys soon


two days post op


I always knew I wanted to get a breast reduction. I was referred to Dr. Bruno's office by a friend who got the same procedure done. When I arrived at Dr. Bruno's office I was greeted by Mary, the receptionist in the front, even though I was a bit early for my consultation she was very sweet. She offered me beverages and snacks. She even sat down to talk with me before the Dr. arrived. Dr. Bruno seemed very friendly, he started off by asking me questions about my job and school to make me feel more comfortable. The only issue I had was with the consultant who I felt was a bit unprofessional. The second I stepped into her office she was like " It's going to be $7,500 how would you like to pay?" before asking me if I even wanted to go through with it, or giving me a chance to say anything. I ignored it and told her I will call her the next day to let her know. I read online that some insurances cover the procedure so I figured it was worth a try to see if my insurance would cover any of it. I asked her to take down my insurance info and see if they would pay. She called me back the next day and was like "I think your insurance will cover it but you will have to go down to a size A" . I told her to forget it and that I would pay for the procedure myself. She asked for my C.C info for the 500 deposit to book the I gave it to her right away and then she was like "ok thanks bye". I was like waiiiiiiit...do I get a preop appointment or anything? She was like "right...yeah...ok come next week"

At my preop she made me wait 45 minutes to give me a paper with instructions that I could have found online. She tried to rush me out of her office. I asked her what I could expect from the surgery and if she could show me pictures. She showed me the same pictures that I had already seen on Dr. Bruno's website. I was a bit annoyed but I again ignored it and left. When I went to my general doctor to get blood work done he convinced me to see if my insurance would pay for it. He told me that she was wrong and that I should at least try. I dreaded calling her again but I did anyway, she seemed a bit annoyed. She processed it through my insurance and they did pre-approve it deeming the procedure a "medical necessity". And guess what? I wouldn't have to go down to a size A, I would be able to go down to the size I wanted to from the beginning (32C) SO HA! Take that.

She honestly didn't even tell me how much would have to be removed or anything, she just said they pre-approved it but I have a 3.500 deductible and asked me how I'd like to pay. (This was only a few days before the procedure) Again, I gave her my c.c info and she hung up. I was confused. I didn't know where the procedure was going to be, what time, or really anything. I called her back to ask her - take into mind that this is 2 days before my procedure.

I felt really annoyed with her and in all honestly I regretted choosing that office because I felt like she was so unprofessional and rude. But maybe that's just her personality and maybe I read her wrong. Dr. Bruno was amazing and did an amazing job so I couldn't hold him accountable for the way she acting. Right now I don't regret choosing Dr. Bruno one bit because I am so amazed by my results, the only thing I regret is letting her get to me. I wish I would have called Mary to ask all my questions because she was a big sweetheart and would have answered them with joy.

Bottom line: Amazing Dr. I have already recommended him to my family and friends. Had some annoying issues with consultant but not a big deal.

Thank you for reading this.
I will update my review in a bit

2 days post op

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I will review after surgery

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