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My op is scheduled in 3 weeks. I wanted to start...

My op is scheduled in 3 weeks. I wanted to start this blog because in the beginning of my journey, someone on this website helped me so much and I am so thankful I found her blog/review. So my hopes are that I can be of the same help to someone else. I will be updating shortly on my pre-op preparation and the supplies I acquire for this shin dig! I am just starting this up, so I will write more soon!

A Little Background...

I have been living in LA by way of Tennessee for 5 years. Basically, I loaded up my car with my 2 pit bulls, and whatever else would fit and I drove out to LA. I wasn't chasing an acting career or anything else in the "biz," but more so chasing new experiences and impulsively getting up and leaving my old life. What a wonderful 5 years it has been. Boy, did I "rough it" for the first couple of years. Luckily, I am quite a stud in the bartending field. HAHA! I ran through bartending jobs from the well known Standard rooftop hotel bar downtown LA to the little dirty dives in Reseda. I have so many great stories and experiences and though sometimes times were tough, that's what I signed up for! I have learned so much and have been blessed with wonderful friends and wonderful jobs and the ability to still travel home to see my amazing family.
I can admit that the nose issues have been amplified since my new life started in LA...for obvious reasons. I was never teased or made fun of growing up, with the exception of my brother calling me "Steffy Graff." Hahaha! I didn't know what that meant because I never played tennis in my life. Then some time later, I saw a picture of her..... I got it. That was probably in high school. I was pretty oblivious to the fact my nose was weird until adulthood. I never really had solid plans to fix it when I lived in Tennessee (it was in the back of my mind)..But, here I am, in LA, two weeks away from surgery... and I am gonna fix the shit outta my nose. :)

2 Weeks PRE OP!

My surgery is in 2 weeks!! EEEEEEEK! The things I have gotten for my surgery so far include: A memory foam U shaped neck pillow. A jar of Horse Chestnut Cream... this contains 20% aescin so I am hoping that will suffice for my dose of aescin. Two bottles of Biotene Mouth Spray. I got arnica oil extract as well as arnica montana pills. I am planning on starting the pills this week, as well as vitamin C and I am going to eat as healthy as I can. I am hoping and praying I don't bruise that bad as I am planning on returning to work 10-12 days later and I bartend at an indoor/outdoor bar/restaurant and I am in the sun and on display so I am trying to pull out all the stops to avoid the black eyes. I feel as though I bruise easily so I am a little freaked out about that. I also stopped taking my Krill Oil, I ready fish oil shouldn't be taken before surgery so I assumed that went for krill as well. Precautionary, I guess. I'm still taking my Biotin though... but that just makes my hair grow prettier and stronger :) There are still a few things I need for my surgery such as ice packs, smoothie goodies, soft foods etc, but that will come later. I basically am working everyday up until my surgery and my few days off, I am going camping with my dad, dad's wife and my boyfriend. I won't have a lot of down time until surgery so these 2 weeks are gonna fly by. I have been googling stuff on rhinoplasty with twilight sedation and I know I shouldn't because I am reading the goods and the bads when I should only be reading the goods. I'd say I am pretty anxious/nervous about that aspect of it, but I am just going in with a positive mind, hoping for the best! If it sucks, it's just a small time and a small price to pay so I have to stay positive! Any other goodies anyone would like to add to my list, feel free! The more prepared the better!

My Goodies....

So I dug out my humidifier that I never use and ordered new filters on Amazon. I didn't have to buy one so that's amazing. I also received my arnica tablets, and also, my TINY bottle of 100% pure arnica montana oil extract. It was about $20 for 2 ounces on Amazon but I figured maybe it will be better in it's purest form. Has anyone ever used this type of Arnica? I am DETERMINED to keep my bruising down so I can return to work without looking like I lost a bar fight. I'm going to start the tablets after my camping trip this weekend. The items in this photo:
~Memory Foam U shaped pillow
~Powdered Protein (I already put it in everything)
~Biotene Mouthwash
~MedEx (The BEST lip balm ever created. I'm obsessed)
~Horse Chestnut Cream (aescin cream) *For bruising
~Arnica Montana TABLETS *For bruising
~Arnica Montana 100% Pure Extract *For bruising
~Hydrogen Peroxide
~EAS Pre-made Protein Shakes
~Cool Mist Humidifier
~Vitamin C tablets (not pictured)
These are my supplies aside from the food items I will get. I will get those closer to time and re-post.
Feel free to add any more goodies to this list!

6 Days Until Surgery!

Just got back from camping for 3 days, now preparing to work the next 4 days straight. I noticed in my posts I haven't spoken much about my doctor. I heard about Dr. Srour from a friend that gets botox from him. She lives/works close to his office in WeHo and she mentioned how much she likes him. I know it's a WHOLE different ballgame when you're talking injections vs. surgery. While with her at HER appt one day, (so I could scope the place out) I asked to look at his before and afters for rhinoplasty. I had seen some online, and they looked great, yet outdated. I was given a HUGE book of B&A's from the last 4 decades this man has been doing his thang. Man, was I impressed. I went home thinking about what I had seen. I wasn't necessarily planning on getting my surgery soon as I kept coming up with excuses... time, money etc. I decided to schedule a consultation. I went with a friend and waited in one of the rooms. In came Dr. Srour. He was very calm, with somewhat of a "stern" look. Aside from that, he seemed rather gentle. He asked what I didn't like about my nose. I told him, the hump and the bulbed tip. He said "that's no problem at all" and he opened a book and pointed out many noses just like mine. He was a little rushed it seemed, but I can just imagine how many people come in for consultations he never sees again. People talk about their PS chatting them up and trying to "schmooze" them. Dr. Srour was all business and frankly, I loved that. He didn't sugar coat anything, didn't try to talk me into anything, he was cut and dry and told me he could do it, and showed me the proof. What more do I need? I don't need a best friend, I don't need someone holding my hand or giving me high fives. I want the experienced doc that is confident and has done thousands of noses like mine. He's very "take it or leave it" I like that. I don't need to be babied by a PS in the business for 5 years desperate to build his portfolio so he is sounding like a used car salesman. My consultation with Dr. Srour was short and to the point, and my friend was a little uneasy about it, but I actually liked that. No bullshit. I saw what I needed to see. He showed me what he would/could do. Bam. I was happy... I actually didn't wanna see any other doctors. I told him I was still saving money but that I wanted to do it. He just said "ok let me know" and he left. No pressure, no nothing. I loved that. So I went back into the waiting room, thought about it and asked to speak to him again. I told him I would like to do it sooner than later and asked about a payment plan etc. I got a pretty sweet deal that I could afford outright, and I scheduled my appt then and there, they took blood so I didn't have to come back for a pre op appt. That was 2 months ago. I knew I had time to change my mind. Over that time, I did look into my doctor some more and found a lady that wasn't happy with her boob job MANY years ago. I also came across a blog on THIS website from a girl who was a couple of weeks away from having her surgery with my same doctor! I was completely stoked and I anxiously waited for her updates every day. She was really my saving grace, as I was wondering if it's the best idea, and I couldn't find any reviews on rhinoplasty with my doctor. I read her blog through the surgery, and the recovery, and now I keep up with her post op photos. :) I was so happy to see that blog and it got me so pumped about my surgery and I lost all doubt I had. I am hoping that my blog helps others as hers helped me. I am super excited and the next 4 days of work will fly by then my op is just days after that. eeeeeeek! I know Dr. Srour knows what he's doing, he is in a prime location and has been recognized on the news and on several plastic surgery shows. He's well known in his field. He's a pro. Keep you all posted on more happenings!

Just Finished Surgery!!!!

I just got home from surgery. Boy what an experience! I walked in, filled out some paperwork and chatted with Dr. Srour for a few minutes. I told him to do what he thought would look best. He went over all of that and next thing, I was in the operating room. He gave me the IV and then the goods. I was loopy and out of it. I was basically awake the whole time.. I was really cool and didn't hurt a bit. When breaking and chiseling the bones, I could hear it and feel the pressure and it was actually pretty cool. Honestly the worst part of the surgery was my mouth being SO dry that I started having a hard time breathing. THe last few minutes were the worst as far as dry mouth but the put a little water in my mouth at the end and it was like heaven haha! The only other part that hurt was at the end when he was squeezing on the splint. That was the very last thing he did and it hurt but wasn't unbearable. He also made holes on the outside bridge of my nose to drain out the blood from my eyes or something.. That's why I have blood around my eyes from the draining. I have been icing constantly with frozen veggies, I took a vicodin, and drank an insure shake and took arnica. Still bleeding quite a bit. I'm a little out of it but no pain...yet. I know the worst is yet to come so I'm doing this while I can. I bought so much fruit and I premade popsicles last night with watermelon juice and fresh fruits just to wet my whistle :) I got pudding, protein shakes, oatmeal etc. Pineapple juice and lots of soft stuff. Im getting a little bruising under the eyes but hopefully it doesn't get worse. To all of you recovering right now, best of luck and I hope you're all feeling great!!


I have packing and the strip of gauze under the nose. I'm having to change it quite often. The left side is bleeding more than then the right and my left eye has more bruising. Everytime i put the ice pack on my forehead or cheek I can feel the blood being pushed out of the left side. Has that happened to anyone? also, how long/often does the under the nose gauze need changed? Am I bleeding too much?

12 Hours Post Op

I feel so good today... I was a little woozy earlier when I posted, so I wanted to do another update. So I'm getting the black eyes for sure. I figured because I bruise easily. I'm eating my arnica like candy... and the vicodin of course. I know for pain management you have to keep taking the pills even if there is "no pain" because if you wait until you're in pain, the meds will not work as fast/as good so I am just keeping the vicodin in my system for prevention. I had a little bit of pain in my forehead near my eyebrows but nothing horrible. The packing is kind of annoying but doesn't hurt. The bleeding slowed down finally (see previous update) so I feel like everything is going the way it should. I ate some oatmeal with chopped apples and have been drinking pineapple juice and water. I am still remembering parts of my surgery. It's not as bad as I thought it'd be being awake. I would do it all over again the same way. I remember he gave me 4-5 shots in my nose/face but I was already kinda out of it from the "breakfast" as he called it, in my IV. :) He hammered a few good times on my nose , I'm assuming that's what broke it. He broke it on both sides. Then the rasping of the bones, I heard it all and felt it as far as the pressure but no pain. Pretty cool I must say! But I'm not squeemish and I'm a medical school junkie.. plus my bro and dad are in the medical field so I guess it runs in the fam. The recovery with twilight anesthesia is so much easier than with general anesthesia. I literally woke up and just felt a little drunk but perfectly fine. Also, with twilight, you don't get nauseous afterwards. Most of the time with general anesthesia, people throw up after which is the worst thing for post rhinoplasty because it will make bruising worse around the eyes. I am happy I did twilight and if I had it to do over, I definitely would. As I mentioned before, the worst part was at the very end, where he was molding the cast around my nose. It was just a lot of pressure but again, nothing was horrible. They brought my boyfriend in and put me in a wheelchair (precautionary, not necessary) and they wheeled me down to my car. Alex the girl that works in Dr. Srour's office was so sweet and so helpful giving my boyfriend updates while I was in surgery. Dr. Srour was also great. He was calm and professional and made jokes to make me feel at ease. He kept me in the loop what he was doing. It truly was a great experience and I'm oh so anxious to see my results! I know people usually have it easier the day of and then the pain and swelling really set in the next day. Well, I'm prepared to combat that pain and I have the best boyfriend/nurse ever. He's even agreed to watch Magic Mike with me tonight which I have never seen. What better way to cheer up than seeing half naked dancing men? So I have one of my cats laying on my feet, and one of my dogs laying in my lap. Time for a relaxing night of movies and SHARK WEEK! I picked a great week to be laid up. More updates to come!

34 Hours Post Op.... (Day 2)

Well I went to sleep last night in my bed propped up with pillows and my Ushaped memory foam pillow around my neck (that thing has been attached to my neck non stop). I didn't think I'd sleep well but I turned on my humidifier, and fell right to sleep. I woke up every couple hours with dry mouth, but took a sip of water, sprayed my biotene mouth spray and passed back out. At one point I took a vicodin just to keep it in my system. All in all I slept good.. I'm a mouth breather when I sleep on my back anyway so it just worked. So I woke up to lots of swelling. Obviously I wasn't icing while I slept so the swelling got pretty bad. So did the black eyes. I knew those were coming because I know that I bruise very easily. You could sneeze on me and I'd get a bruise. HA! So since I woke up I have been icing non stop. By now it has gone down a bit but my eyes are still purple.. both of them... all the way around. I'm still taking AND applying Arnica and all that good stuff. But I didn't escape the bruise monster. Eh... he can stay for a bit. If anyone is looking for the best concealer/cover up EVER it's by Benefit and it's called Erase Paste. The best. I have a feeling I will be using that soon. So I LOOK a lot worse than I FEEL. I have had NO pain, (I'm still taking my pain meds steadily). I have had a little pressure in my nose and forehead about the time my pain meds are wearing down. Nothing bad. I really expected to be miserable about this time and wow... I must say I am surprised at how easy breezy it has been. I have vicodin to thank... I'm sure of that. As I mentioned before, it's very important to take it every 3-4 hours steadily even if you don't feel like you're in pain. Stay a step ahead of the pain and you will be able to successfully keep the pain at bay with timing the meds just right. Trust me it works. I have had no pain or discomfort.

Tomorrow morning I get this packing out... which hasn't really bothered me. I hope he's gentle when he does that. When I was on the surgery table before my surgery he "washed my face" and cleaned out my nose with his wet hands. He was so rough and stretched my nose and scratched the inside I squirmed because it was so uncomfortable. That was one of the worst parts. I was thinking "is this guy trying to rip my nose off and literally give me a new one?" So hopefully he's a little more gentle with the packing removal. I will let y'all know tomorrow! In the meantime here are some pics of my super swollen face and my shiners...enjoy!

Packing Out Today!

I'm looking forward to breathing out of my nose... AND actually being able to taste the delicious homemade Popsicles I made. I'm double dosed on meds so hopefully this won't hurt a bit. I woke up with some pain in my nose... I ate some oatmeal and took my meds. Now I'm fine :) en route to Dr. Srour's office! Update soon!

Packing Out!

Just got home from my appt. 15 and out. :). It hurt for a split second but then it was over. He cleaned up the tape around my splint And washed around my nose. It was quick and painless. I also made the appointment for Monday to have my cast off. Pretty stoked!

Day 3... Mike Tyson's Wife

Welp, I could breathe out of my nose after the packing was out yesterday... but that was short lived. All day today I have been stuffed up and feel like I'd do anything to blow my nose. Ahhhh the things we take for granted. Pain level was very low today, basically non existent. I only took 2 pain pills today and those were precautionary. Those who do this without pain meds.. well, you're my hero. The meds made this experience somewhat enjoyable. Watching movies all day? Score. No, but seriously, there's not much pain only an annoying "stuffy" feeling. Like a head cold almost. I am still icing today. My forehead is pretty swollen, and I still look like I lost a bar fight.. or married Mike Tyson. I guess I'm just one of the unlucky ones that bruised a lot. FU, Arnica. :) Oh well. So I went to a movie today with the boy... and scared a lot of kids with my messed up face. Good times. I think I over did it a little by getting out and about but my (and the boy's) cabin fever got the best of me (us). I was exhausted by the time I got home. Had a friend come by and visit then movie time on the couch.
Aside from the complete nose congestion, everything is fine. My nose itches and I will be happy when this cast and tape come off. I have found it's difficult to eat when you can't breathe from your nose, and you can't taste anything. I have reignited my flame... with oatmeal. It's quick, easy, and a good hearty meal to make a nice little cushion for your vicodin. Also fresh watermelon. Very hydrating. After this is over, I'm gonna compose a list of my favorite post op foods. I was expecting to not be able to chew as I read some reviews that say things along those lines, but my eating abilities haven't really been hindered other than the difficulty in breathing. So all of those burgers and pizzas I ate prior to my surgery thinking I'm gonna be on a mandatory post op diet, are still sitting on my thighs. I can still eat anything but I'm trying to not eat too much salt because my face looks like I just had my wisdom teeth out and like I'm turning into a unicorn. Well I have another week or so off of work so there's a lot of frozen peas in my future. Welp, that's all I got for today. I have been sleeping like a baby but still wearing the U shaped pillow so I don't turn to my side in my sleep. Oh, I'm still using the biotene mouth spray throughout the night. The best. Ok here's to being able to breathe tomorrow! Nite y'all!

Day 3 photos

Day 3 photos...again.

Day 4 Post Op

Another boring day watching movies. I actually watched a REALLY good movie just now if anyone needs a LONG movie with 2 of the hottest men ever. It's called The Place Beyond the Pines with Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. I rented it on On Demand. It was 2+ hours long and it was a good watch. I recommend it.
Not too much has changed as far as my recovery. Tic Toc. I can breathe through my nose a little better than last night so that's a plus. My face is still swollen. I feel like my cheeks/jaw area is getting a little more swollen. Boo. I am still icing. My purple eyes are turning yellow.. that's also a good sign. There's a little throbbing in my nose but not super painful... that's just healing I assume. I got nothin except for a couple new pics for your viewing pleasure. Brace yourselves. :)

Day 5...The Mac Make-Up Counter Threw Up On My Face......

Well I have gorgeous shades of purple, pink, and yellow all over my face. Looks like a 5 year old did a make over on me. I don't know if I expect to wake up and this crap be completely gone or what but I'm tired of looking at this kaleidoscope on my face. Or am I? ;) haha! Also I still have a huge knot on top of my splint between my eyebrows. That's the only thing that hurts to the touch.

Also today... I know I shouldn't have, but I blew my nose! Lightly of course. I was breathing out of my nose pretty good, then I got out of bed and it stuffed up and was runny too. I had been spinning q-tips inside of it to soak up the drainage (ew) but it was too much. I blew a very light steady blow and pulled out a blood clot. Sorry. But after that I could breathe PERFECTLY. Finally! It was amazing! So I did the other side and the same thing. I read mixed things about waiting one week or some said 2 weeks to blow so you don't get a nosebleed. Well I'm 1 week tuesday so I just went for it and I feel better than I have felt.
Tomorrow I get my cast off. I heard that you should look at it/take pics right away because the swelling will go right to the nose after the splint comes off. So I will try to snap some pics right after it's off. After that it's back to a big nose I assume. :) I am pretty nervous and excited to see it! And I am SO ready to be able to scratch my nose!
I ate a turkey burger today and being that my face is still swollen, it kind of bothered me a little in the cheek area. Maybe wrong thing to eat but I needed real food!
Well other than that, there's not much more to report until tomorrow. I will let y'all know how it goes!!!

Cast Came Off Today And.......

I took my boyfriend out to eat after for a little "thanks for taking care of me" lunch... and went to the mall to get hats for work because my face is still swollen so it took me a while to get back and update....
It's sooooooo weird to see myself with the nose AND the swelling. I feel like I look like someone else but I'm trying to just focus on the nose and it is PERFECT! He went pretty small but I am glad because so many people get revisions because they want to keep the "natural imperfections" or whatever then they aren't satisfied. So I just went for the gold :) He put some tape back on my nose after he took the cast off and I got to take a look so it's taped up now but I can still see it.
Here's how it went:
I got to my appt after taking some vicodin because I knew this might be painful. I laid down and he wiggled off the cast. THAT part didn't hurt but I did feel it. After that he said "It's beautiful" and I smiled and go so excited. I mean I know he's not going to say "Oh my god what have I done??!?!" But still, to hear that put me at ease and only built the excitement! He proceeded to "massage" my nose. THAT part hurt so if you haven't heard anything I've said here's a HUGE tip.... Save at least one pain pill to take before your removal!!! Although he was NOT overly rough, that massage doesn't feel very good. It was bearable but definitely painful. I'm sure it would be more so if I hadn't taken a pill. Maybe I'm just a baby because I really didn't have to deal with much pain during this. Anyway, he showed me how to do my own nose massage a couple times a day to help the healing and swelling etc. So you remember that unicorn lump between my eyebrows? Well I asked him how long until that goes down because I have to go back to work Friday... he said it needed to be drained since it hadn't shrunk in size at all. He stuck a needle in, and drained it. Soooooooo stoked about that! Wasn't painful at all and the bump is almost completely gone! I'm SO happy he did that! So after I got to get some good looks, he taped my nose back up a little. He said to leave it for 2 days. I guess it's kind of "weaning" the nose off of the pressure from the splint that WAS there. That's about all we did! Took about 15 minutes. I was so happy to see my new nose but I couldn't really smile because my face is swollen AND I was still kind of floating and also in shock haha!! I wish I would have been able to show how happy I was even more, I hope the doc doesn't think I'm not happy or just an asshole. haha! But seriously... love it. I almost don't believe it yet. Maybe when I take the tape off Thursday I will believe it. Ahhhh what a journey.
All in all the experience as a whole was not bad at all! I had very minimal pain... just looked funny for a while but that's totally fine with me! It was more annoying than painful but MUCH worth the annoyance! Well here are some pictures even though I have the tape on... Thursday I will remove the tape and unveil it bare nosed!

Quick pics

I don't have time to do a full update right now .... But I took the tape off today. Still very swollen in forehead and bridge but I love it!

10 Days Post Op!

Hellooooo! I have been a little bit on the go the last couple days getting all my stuff done before I go back to a couple hours. Ugh. I'm bored out of my mind though so it will be a good thing. :)
So after getting my cast off, I luckily took a lot of pictures even though he taped it up afterwards. I'm glad I did because my nose has changed SO much just since my cast came off. I wish it still looked the same! It's crazy to see the changes from day to day. My sweet slope is almost gone and my cute tip is big and round again. Damn swelling! At least I have some pics before to know what it's gonna look like. So moral of today's story:
I included a photo of 3 pictures put side by side. Left is when I got my cast off. Middle is yesterday (I had drank champagne with my girls the night before which could have contributed to swelling) and the one on the right is from today. They all 3 look SO different! So I've been eating bad too so I'm gonna start doing low sodium and stick to fresh foods.. salads (yuck) etc. Also my girls night of cheese, nuts, salami, wine and champagne the other night was probably the culprit for that middle picture of swelling.
In one pic I have my forehead taped up. I went back to get it drained as blood is collecting there. Right between the eyes. I didn't HAVE to have it drained again, I just did because it was quick and I have to go back to work so I wanted to look as normal as I could. I work in a busy bar so I'm just curious to see how many people notice I look different. Luckily I can wear a hat to cover my face a little.
There's not much else to say. I'm just waiting for my swelling to go down to see my original un-casted nose again. :) My bruises are there a TINY bit. I'm breathing great. And I'm ready to go to work!! Wish me luck!

11 Days Pos Op....

Went to work yesterday. I wore a hat because I still have swelling in the bridge/forehead area and I still feel like I look funny. The people that knew what I had done (co-workers) said it looks great, there's not much difference, etc etc. My customers didn't notice. No one said anything. But I am sure the hat made all the difference. I could hide under it and cover the most swollen parts. :) I think the GOOD thing about the swelling is that I am not having to go back to work with such an obvious change where people know right away. The swelling is there... the tip looks like my old nose almost and so there's not a dramatic difference yet. Gradually the swelling will go down but the people I see multiple times a week at the bar won't really notice because it will be such a slow change. That's pretty cool. So after a few hours of work... bending over, lifting, shaking drinks, etc etc, my nose started throbbing a little and began to hurt. I took some meds to get over the hump. Worked a 10 hour shift and was exhausted. Not much pain but completely exhausted. I left work after 1:00AM and went to the bar down the street where one of my best friends works. I took her flowers because her dog got hit by a car yesterday and she had to go to work a few hours after. :( I spent some time with her to make her laugh a little. Finally was in bed by 4AM. Woke up today with a pretty gnarly headache. My body is tired but at 4:00 today I'm back to the grind. Nose looks about the same. Will post more pics tomorrow. Happy Saturday Everyone!

13 Days Post!

I regret not taking off more time from work to recover. Work was rough but I know that's temporary. I'm 13 days out and still watching my nose slowly change. I have a follow up appt this week. Here's the latest photo!

Hello, All! ~~3 Weeks Post Op!!~~

I've been so busy I haven't had a lot of down time to update. Gah, I miss those days of "recovery" where I could just sit on my computer all day. Back to the grind. Here's how the last week or so went for me...

I am still very happy with my nose even with the swelling. The bridge has gone down considerably and looks great even though I know there's still swelling going on. The tip is the most swollen part... as with everyone at this point. It's still an improvement on my old nose so I can be patient. One thing I have realized about my nose is how Dr. Srour managed to keep some characteristics of my old nose and create a smaller more balanced version of it! He didn't just stick someone else's nose on my face. He took what I had and fit it to my face! I love that I still look like myself and my nose looks so natural. I went to my follow up appt Monday and he said I needed to start doing the tip massages. He showed me how to do it and I also looked at some youtube videos on how to do it. Just in the last couple of days my nose has changed and become more defined at the tip and I think I owe it to the massage. Also, this is AMAZING... He told me I could tape my nose at night which I read a lot of people do for the first couple months after the cast is off. So I taped my nose last night.... once around the bottom of the tip and one piece across the end leaving the tip exposed (see photo). You can also youtube videos how to do this. Well I slept in the tape last night and when I took it off this morning WOW!!!! I couldn't believe how great my nose looked! It looked the same as when I got my splint off! And is shows what it is going to look like when the swelling is gone! So cool!! I recommend doing this (if your doc okay's it) esp if you're impatient or bummed about the swelling. Tape your nose, wake up and take it off and immediately take some photos. Compare them to some from the day before and you will be able to see something closer to your final result. After some time the swelling may settle back in but it's SO COOL to see what it will look like. It also helps keep the swelling at bay. I'm going to start taping it when I'm at home and at night along with the tip massages. It's transforming my nose and making me so happy! I kept pushing and pulling and critiquing my nose wondering what it is going to look like after the swelling is gone. Taping your nose allows you to see that! Try it!
Other than that great find, I have been pretty good with work. If I over do it I will get a tiny bit of pain or twinges in my nose and it reminds me to slow down. But I have been fine. Doc said I can go back to normal activities. Yesterday I got back on the treadmill for the first time. Felt SO GOOD. I didn't run but I did a steady 3.5 speed at a 13 incline. I only did 20 minutes as I'm easing into it.
All in all I am VERY happy with my results and I LOVE how Dr. Srour kept my nose MINE but just made it prettier. No one at work has really noticed. The underside of my nose (nostrils etc) was untouched so aside from being smaller in the bridge and tip, my nose is still my nose. So cool! I hope everyone has a splendid week!

One Month Post Op!

I feel mostly back to normal. The only time I can feel any uncomfort in my nose is when I am working long hours (shaking drinks lifting stuff etc) or when I work out. I haven't been doing any weights really. Mostly just high incline speed walking. But I can only do 20 minutes at a time because I don't wanna over do it. Other than that I feel fine! I'm not exhausted like I had been the first few weeks post op. this is the time you really pick apart the aesthetics of your new nose and you will find SOMETHING you don't like. Could be swelling, could be anything. There are a couple of things I will be asking my doc about when I go back next week but nothing major. All in all, I'm happy and even with my swelling I love how it looks!

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I've received a handful of private messages regarding dr. Srour. While I'm not miserably unhappy with my results, I would say I'm just almost content for now. You get what you pay for and I knew that going into this. I haven't spoken with dr. Srour yet about the things that are wrong... I mentioned one thing at my last appt and he brushed it off. Buuuuut my nostrils are very uneven so it's not like it was a remedial thing. Anyway, I wanted to give Dr. Srour a chance to rectify the situation before I blasted everything on my review. But I had a baby and have been too busy to deal with it just yet. So if you wanna know more just inbox me :)


I have removed my photos from here due to my position with my business. I don't check this often and the email it is relayed to is an old email. So instead of asking you all to message me I will say this here. Dr. Srour totally messed up my nose. I have a nostril that is almost completely collapsed, the bridge is way too small, has a hump on the side (was never there) and the entire bridge to the tip slants. One side where the nostril is collapsed, has a small defined tip and the other side is still puffed out/bulbous. I look like I have 2 different noses depending on whether you look at the left or right side. And if you look dead on, you'll see clearly it is crooked. I tried to go back to talk to dr. Srour and give him the benefit of the doubt. Instead of trying to rectify the situation he argued and yelled that there was nothing wrong with my nose. There are SO many issues with my nose I actually told him he must be blind. I told him one side looked one way and the other side looked different and much worse. His own front desk girl said "I actually like the right side better!" Hellooooo! Even SHE saw that it looks like 2 noses and said that right in front of him. I wanted to be Dr. Srour's biggest fan. I was getting my surgery for so cheap and I wanted to praise him and recommend him. Instead I'm left needed to spend $15K-$20K for a revision. Moral of the story: spend the extra money up front to go to a good doctor or you'll end up needing to pay 2-3 times what you would have because you need a revision. On top of messing my face up, dr. Srour is rude and pompous. I went in asking him what we can do to fix it because HE messaged ME on here asking me to come in and show him the issues. When I did he freaked out. My nose is VERY clearly messed up. I have to take every picture with my head turned to the right so my nose looks half way decent. Please go to a doctor that doesn't have dirty brooms and mops stored right where he's doing your surgery BY HIMSLEF. Did you know he does not have anyone in the surgery room during surgery? It's just you and him. No nurse, no help. Nothing. Again, I really wanted to like him and I really wanted to like my nose. I chalked it up to swelling when I stated noticing issues but it's been over 2 years and it's still awful. Please don't look for the deal when it comes to your face. Save up and go to someone legit. You can message me here and I will check this email periodically. Even send you pics so you can see the mess he made of my nose. ***********

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Dr SROUR messed up my nose. Please see my review at the end. I thought it was great but when the swelling went down it was a disaster. It's still a disaster and I have to pay a lot of money to fix it. Don't let this guy ruin your face!

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