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I had a rhinoplasty in 1986 with a world famous...

I had a rhinoplasty in 1986 with a world famous rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills because my nose wasn't straight after a pool accident and I had a bump on the bridge. My modeling agency wanted it fixed. My nose looked fine at first, but over the years started to drop, twist, and my breathing became compromised. I waited 10 years to have my surgery before deciding to go with two guys in West Hollywood. They had an amazing website and I couldn't find any negative reviews until I learned what "filtered" reviews were.

Anyway, my surgery was a complete disaster. My breathing is worse, my mid-vault is collapsed, and I have a saddle deformity. I cannot adequately describe how painful this has been for me. At first the doctors denied anything was wrong and attributed it to swelling. Then they asked me to come into their office for an honest evaluation after I posted a negative review on Yelp. This shocked me because I assumed they were always being honest. It has now been a year and my nose is worse than ever. I do not have the money to fix this and finding a lawyer to represent you in a malpractice case that you haven't lost a limb or died is near impossible. Also, finding a doctor that will admit your doctor acted below the standard of care is extremely difficult. Although, many doctors have said the job the doctors did on my nose was terrible and they were surpised by the work. Most said they felt sorry for me, but nobody has offered to do the surgery at a cost I can afford. I'm writing this to help anyone considering this surgery. Find a doctor who is ethical and has many years of experience and if you know one that can help me for a reasonable fee, please post.

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I chose these doctors because they had a great bedside manner and I trusted them.

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