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I had my flanks done on November 12th. I had read...

I had my flanks done on November 12th. I had read multiple reviews so I knew the procedure could be painful but I am hopeful enough to finally get rid of the most troublesome spot on my body that I was willing to endure almost anything. I am 5'6", 133 lbs. I work out at least 5 days a week (walking/yoga/free weights). I can diet and exercise to get down to around 128 and still not lose my muffin top. I don't want to lose anymore weight than that because I start to look too thin in my face, etc.

The procedure took about 2.25 hours - 1 hour for each side and a bathroom break in the middle. The worst part for me, honestly, was the cold sheet of paper that was applied before the device was attached. It's very cold! While the device was attached I was worried that it would detach (of which you have to pay for another "chip" if it has to be re-attached). I had a hard time "catching" my breath for a while but I think it was just because I didn't want to take a deep breath in fear of the device detaching. I finally got the nerve up to take that deep breath...yay!

I walked out of the office, went grocery shopping without any pain. Day one my flanks were a little sensitive to touch and my shirt felt a little strange when it rubbed against my skin. I'm slightly numb and a little swollen, but nothing that anyone else would notice. Day two the "strange feeling" seems to be subsiding. I worked out and had one little "twinge" of feeling that wasn't "normal", but nothing unbearable.

I haven't had any bruising thus far so I assume I'll escape that side affect.

I'll update with any new news.

I'm on day 5 and the sensation (sensitivity to...

I'm on day 5 and the sensation (sensitivity to touch/feeling a little "bruised") I was having has pretty much gone away. Call me crazy but I feel like it's already working. It could be that some of the slight swelling is going away and therefore it looks a little better. Even my husband said he can tell a "good" difference. It is a slight difference though...nothing noticeable in my clothing yet.
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