So Thankful - West Des Moines, IA

Same story as everyone with development early and...

Same story as everyone with development early and poor self esteem. No matter how much weight I would lose...I never went below a DDD/G. I decided it was finally time and I am so thankful I went thru with the reduction:lift! So worth it. If this is something you are considering just jump in and do it.

3 weeks out

Finally feeling like I made it! 3 weeks was a big turning point for me in that I can keep up with life and feeling normal again. Incisions are healing way better than I thought they might. I am mostly left breast is, at this time bigger than my right. I so hope that it's swelling, but not sure on that. :-( I'm including a before/after in a gray tshirt...much happier with the after!! Even if they aren't even...they are WAY better than before.

Bra shopping

4 week anniversary today so I went bra shopping. I honestly could have cried...I have never owned a black bra and they are so soft when not utility sized! So happy I did this!!!

One month check up

Clear to wear bras and exercise!!!! So pleased with my results...even if the new you isn't perfect it sure is better than before. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
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