Consultation Review: Wished I Saw These Reviews Before I Paid but Thankful to Be Saved from a Health Disaster

Went in to discuss my belly pouch. Was told cool...

Went in to discuss my belly pouch. Was told cool sculpting would be perfect and cheaper than a tummy tuck or even lipo. I was continually told no downtime only slight itching, swelling, bruising afterwards but nothing major. It was to be like novacane wearing off after a trip to dentist. The description sounded like a dream. I handed over credit card payment and scheduled appointment for end of August. THEN i started researching. Oh boy. I was mortified!

Why why why is the after pain -a few mentioned permanent nerve damage and/or 'dents' where the suction was- not mentioned?? Cool sculpting company even says these effects are RARE! Seriously!??

My regret is that i was pressured - like buying a car - into buying a large CS package before researching. On the flip side, though it cost me a ton of money, i was able to back out with my health, bulges and sanity intact

Thank you to the many people who were brave enough to share their horror stories. I can only imagine how embarrassed and ashamed you must feel falling for what is obviously
A scam that preys on people who are self conscienous of their bodies/appearance. So terribly sorry for your pain but very thankful for your opinions.
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