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I first met Dr. Kassir when I accompanied my...

I first met Dr. Kassir when I accompanied my daughter to her consult for rhinoplasty. We left that day feeling like we met a new friend rather than a doctor. He was so gracious and patient with all our questions. I don't think I would've considered having any work done prior to that because I didn't think I could afford to. But after seeing how accommodating they were with my daughter, I felt like it was something I could consider. I set up my own consult with Dr Kassir and he explained that he is able to do a mini facelift, without general anesthesia, but rather using a local anesthesia, (Local anesthesia involves numbing a specific part of the body to prevent any feeling of pain during surgical procedures. An anesthetic drug - which has numbing effects - is applied to a certain part of the patient's body.) I decided to go that route for many reasons and I have no regrets. Yes, I was fully awake and aware during the procedure and I didn't feel anything except some pulling and stretching. It was a very strange feeling. After he completed the mini facelift, which took about an hour, he then proceeded to do the chemical peel. That procedure went very quickly, but it did sting. Afterward, he explained that I may feel slight discomfort from the peel for about a half hour. It would feel like I had a bad sunburn. Although he prescribed pain medication, I did not need it, I was fine with Xstrength Tylenol. It was exactly as he said, the discomfort only lasted about a half hour. That night, my face was filled with red blotchy spots from the peel and it was swollen from the face lift. I had to keep a very thick application of Aquaphor on my face for about a week and I was to sleep in a propped up position for about 3 nights... this was actually the worst part for me because it was so uncomfortable on my back. I would say my down time was a full week before I was willing to go out. There was still slight swelling in my cheeks but not that noticeable and my skin looked great. The chemical peel removed all the little sunspots and dry skin and left me with a healthy glow and shine. I loved it!
The stitches along my ear were removed after about 2 weeks & I had some botox applied to the stubborn wrinkles in my forehead and WELLA!... I LOOKED 10 YEARS YOUNGER!
I loved the way people looked at me with a quizzical look, like they couldn't tell what was different except that I looked great.
I would highly recommend Dr. Kassir for all your plastic surgery needs. Not only is he an expert at what he does, but he also places a high priority on surrounding himself with a great staff that will guide you through every step of the process.
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